My name, Melissa, is Greek for honeybee and that describes me pretty well. I'm a busy bee who believes in doing what you love and loving what you do! 

"Life is what you make of it; make honey!"

Someone asked me several years ago, when I worked full time as an Administrative Assistant what my dream job was. I said, 
"I want to be a Doula, Childbirth Educator and blog about the fun stuff I do with my kids." 
The "Honeybee Mama" blog began as my personal blog to do just that. It was a place for me to talk about motherhood, life, kids, recipes and all the stuff I love. When I restarted my Doula work after a 3 year hiatus, it seemed natural to incorporate that work into the brand I had already created. Now, that brand has grown to involve Your Birth Experience as well as other business ventures you can find out about on my Missy David business page.

Honeybee Mama can now be what it was always supposed to be: my mommy blog. So here you'll here you'll read a lot more about me and my family, and not so much about my business. But, no matter where I venture in business, I'll always be the Honeybee Mama!

About Missy
March 4, 1981 in Cleveland, OH but raised in Tulsa, OK
Grade School:
Darnaby Elementary
Dance School: 
Nancy Clarke School of Dance
High School: 
Union High School
High School Activities: 
Competitive Speech, Drama, Newspaper Editor, Mascot, Emcee of the Talent Show, and will forever be known as the Spartan Cheerleader
Voted in High School: 
"Most Spirited"
First thing I ever wanted to be when I grew up: 
I wanted to work at McDonald's because I thought the headset they used at the Drive-Thru was the coolest thing I'd ever seen. Next, it was an artist, then a dancer, then a teacher.
Wheaton College (Norton, MA) Freshman year, then University of Oklahoma the remaining 4
Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education
Relationship status: 
Divorced and remarried. I've had three different last names. Think about how fun it is to figure out what name my prescriptions are at Walgreens.
2 kids, 2 stepkids. Yes, differentiating that they are stepkids matters TO THEM. 
What I do for a living: 
Mother, Blogger, Doula, Author, Childbirth Educator and whatever else I want to do

Get to know me questions

Would you rather go to a play or a musical?
Musical, hands down. Give me the singing and the dancing!
Would you rather travel by sailboat or cruise ship?
Sailboat! My grandparents had a sailboat when I was a child, called the Silent Lady. The coolest thing was the mini kitchen down below (I also have a fascination with RVs). Wind in my hair and you have to DO STUFF to get the boat to sail. THAT'S an adventure!
Would you rather camp in an RV or in a tent?
Drive in the RV, camp under the stars.  
Would you rather play kickball or dodgeball?
Please don't throw balls at me. And I hated P.E. 
Favorite book: 
The Picture of Dorian Gray
How would you describe motherhood?
Motherhood is like being on an airplane as it crashes. You have to put the oxygen mask on yourself before you put them on your kids. Being a parent is uncharted territory because no one exactly like you has ever had your life or your kids before. I started thriving in motherhood when I stopped trying to be the perfect mother and just decided to be myself! 

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