I have been serving families as a professional labor assistant since 2007. After many years of running an independent Doula practice, I now offer my services through Tulsa Family Doulas, a full service agency for pregnancy and beyond. Please Connect with Tulsa Family Doulas if you are interested in hiring me to assist you with pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum support.

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"Missy - You were absolutely outstanding! [The patient] was extremely pleased and so was I. I particularly appreciated two things about you - 1. Your calm demeanor was very helpful - perfect for the calm environment we try to promote for labor! 2. You were very supportive of the patient's decisions, not pushing for any particular decision, but supportive of the patient. I would like to refer future patients that desire doulas to you - I look forward to working with you in the future - you are wonderful for our patients!!" - John R. Thompson, M.D.

"Missy was wonderful!!" - Whitney Messick, Nurse

"I know that having our doula present for labor and delivery was a major reason my VBAC was successful." - Natalie, Mother and Honeybee Mama Client 

"One of the reasons I chose to have a doula help us with the birth of our second child because I wanted someone at the labor who was there just for me.  Everyone else present at the labor from the doctor, the nurses, my husband, my family members, and even myself was concerned with me AND the baby.  Specifically, I chose Missy because I know her and know that she has the ability to be assertive at the same time as being encouraging.  Having Missy as my doula was fantastic at the actual delivery, but she was also incredibly helpful in the weeks leading up to the birth.  I was being a little wishy-washy on whether or not I wanted an unmedicated birth, and she was an excellent sounding board.  She provided me with information but did not try to push me in one direction or another.  She let me come to my own decisions.  Enlisting the help of a doula, and specifically Missy, allowed me to have the birth that I wanted: unmedicated, intervention-free, relatively peaceful, and mercifully quick!" - Missy, Mother and Honeybee Mama Client

"Missy was a very helpful and tremendously effective Doula. I believe it to be through her coaching and guidance that our patient remained a local through her transition labor. It would be an honor to work with her again in the future." - Trisha Short, Nurse
"I used Missy David as my doula for my second baby, who was also my vbac baby. She met with us to discuss our birth wishes and helped us write a birth plan. Her workbook at the time wasn't yet a published book (!! Yay! Congrats!), but it was an invaluable resource with lots of information I wouldn't have known. She was awesome during labor and birth, helping with positioning and making sure I was comfortable and helping explain anything we needed explained. She is super friendly; one of the nicest, most pleasant people I have ever met! She gets along with your nurses and doctor easily, as well as your family. I was very excited to find she snapped pictures for me too. Without her, some of baby's first moments wouldn't be recorded. She obviously cares very much about each of her clients and will go out of her way to make sure you well taken care of. More than just a professional birthing partner, she becomes a family friend. I will never have another doula-less birth again and I hope if we have a third child, Missy will be available again for that birth! I would recommend her as a doula to anyone expecting to have a baby soon!" - Kristin Riffe
"Missy was an absolutely amazing support through the birth of my son. I can't imagine giving birth without her. Through highs and lows, she was a positive energy in the room, and her knowledge and preparation guided me through a long, trying labor that ultimately ended with a wonderful delivery. I give Missy my highest recommendation. If you're on the fence about a doula, JUST DO IT! She's worth every penny." - Arroyo Family
"A friend of mine recommended Missy as a doula during her own pregnancy. Missy helped me weigh my options when my provder went on maternity leave and left my birth provider to chance, was supportive when I chose to use a birth center five weeks before my due date, and was there for me during a stalled and then very fast labor and delivery. In the moments after birth, Missy helped us capture pictures and memories we might have otherwise missed in all the excitement. Missy helped me to focus and work for the birth I wanted and truly made all the difference." - Nicki Ingram
"Let me first start out by saying that I was TOTALLY reluctant about having a doula at my birth simply because I am super modest and thought there was absolutely NO way I would give birth without an epidural. In my mind, that was the only reason to have a doula. This was until Missy explained to me that she is there for you no matter what and supports you no matter what decision you make regarding medications and also told me how she would still be able to appreciate my modesty during the birth. I agreed still in denial somewhat. Well folks, I'm here to tell you that I am 150% glad I made that choice! I was actually induced after being in early labor for several weeks and just plain miserable, Missy supported that decision and was there with me from just minutes after I reached the hospital until after our daughter was born. She was so pleasant to have in the room, just chatting over coffee and watching the rain. It was honestly the most peaceful experience ever, she made me feel at ease, laughing, joking and just really refreshing. When labor began to get intense and I would start to want to give up, she talked me through it and offered to help in many ways. Her caring and skills brought me through a unmedicated labor that only lasted 3 hours and 36 minutes until we met our gorgeous daughter! My husband barely made the birth! Missy was so sweet to grab my camera and take photos that I will forever cherish as they show SO much emotion, an event I couldn't have captured better myself! She knew my prior trials with breastfeeding and stayed long enough to get her latched on and happy. I'm proud to say that our daughter is now 4 months old and still EBF and happy as a clam! If you have doubts, don't worry because Missy is absolutely AMAZING! Hire her!" - Sheena Coberley
"Honestly, I loved my labor and delivery day. I wouldn't change a thing. I would get induced again and get an epidural again. I loved the day I got to birth my son and I honestly do not think it would've been what I wanted it to be if you weren't there - I would've had my water broken early which I'm so glad I didn't. I wouldn't have stuck up for myself and what I wanted if you wouldn't have been there. And all the anxiety and emotional stress - I felt like you calmed me down. Between you and my best friend I felt like I COULD birth and that although I was terrified, I could do it with y'all. And now I'm not terrified and I would do it all again in a heart beat...but NOT without you by my side!" - Anonymous


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