Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Cheap and Free Summer Fun!

Summer can be fun for kids but a stress on Mommy. Filling all that time in their schedule can feel like anything but a lazy Summer. Good thing there are a lot of FREE and CHEAP things to do in Tulsa!

First off, I highly suggesting stocking up on all the inexpensive and easy go-to toys for the backyard like frisbees, sprinklers, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, water balloons and yard games:

And DON'T forget the popsicles, because really, what is Summer without the popsicles?!

Next, be sure you know about ALL the Cheap and Free stuff going on in Tulsa constantly!

Here's a list to get you started
For more great free and cheap ideas, check out Anna's Annual List of Cheap or Free Family Fun in Tulsa.

Also, TulsaKids Magazine has a great article about Cheap or Free Summer Fun in Tulsa

What are your tips for surviving Summer with your kids?

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