Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer in T-Town

It has been a whirlwind of a Summer. Since we are a blended family, our kids have been gone at the other parents' houses for a good chunk of it, but we've still been able to squeeze in a lot of fun.

What would Summer be without running through the sprinkler?

We've been hitting up Story Time and Food Trucks at Guthrie Green

My kids love photobombing and bunny ears, what can I say?

We've rocked out with Tulsa Music Festival.

We love the FREE Summer Movies!

And we even have had some amazing festivals in Broken Arrow like Summer Solstice!

Are you surviving Summer in Oklahoma? What have you been up to?

Friday, June 27, 2014

{my moment}

A moment captured from the week that captured my heart.
A Friday ritual inspired by Soulemama.

An eight-year-old's garage sale. Sweet boy.

If you're inspired to do the same, leave a link to your moment in your comment.

Happy Weekend, Lovies.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My Favorite Summer Road Trip Ever

I love going on Adventure with my kids. It's important to me that they are dreamers and brave and willing to try new things, even if it means getting lost, failing or realizing that things don't always turn out like you plan.

An adventure I've been wanting to have with them for a while is cruisin' the Mother Road by exploring Historic Rt. 66. Some things we have done are visit the Blue Whale, and Totem Pole Park, but have never just gotten in the car and started driving. Yesterday, after picking up my littles from a two and a half week stay with their dad (my heart broke a million times) I decided to get off the turnpike and cruise Rt. 66.

We started with some good old McD's breakfast (shhh, don't tell the real food police) and some silly selfies.

Then we headed west on I-44 a few miles, and exited onto Rt. 66. It wasn't hard to find!

The cool thing about traveling the historic highway is that you don't have to rely on phone navigation or GPS at all. I knew there were a couple of places I wanted to hit specifically, but I knew they were literally right on Rt. 66, so I didn't need directions. All I had to do was set my car on cruise and enjoy the scenery. I knew I'd get where I was going eventually!

It was amazing what happened as soon as we got off the interstate. Everything became instantly interesting. The curvy road, the closeness to the farms, houses and businesses on the side of the road, the greenery and the scenery were unmistakable!

One of our favorite finds was the oldest known filling station left still standing.

The sign posted in front explained we don't know when the building was first erected or much about the original owners, except that they likely would have lived in the one room building that also operated as a roadside business. At the time it was in operation, there would have been no running water or electricity!

It was fun to explore. My eight year old, Aidan, said he wanted to stop at everything we saw on the side of the road. He didn't want to miss a thing! That's my kid!

We may or may not have left our mark as many before us have, but you can't prove anything...

That's the best part about just getting in the car and going. If you don't have any time constraints, you can just explore, take your time and stop anywhere and everywhere. Believe me there are plenty of interesting buildings, businesses, cafes, antique stores and so much more to keep you busy along Rt. 66!

One thing on my list was seeing the Arcadia Round Barn. This is such an interesting piece of architecture. Similar to the Totem Pole we visited in Foyil a couple of years ago, the Round Barn was built by a determined visionary. People told William Odor it was impossible to build a round barn, yet he proved them all wrong. He had to build his own sawmill, and individually soak the oak boards cut from his own land and mold them into the curved pieces he would use to build his barn. It was originally built in 1898, and restored after years of neglect and disrepair in the late 1980s by Luke Robinson and his friends, the "Over-the-Hill Gang."

The bottom level of the barn actually houses livestock, but there was a loft built where the community held gatherings and dances. There are accounts of square dances happening while the cows and horses beneath were neighing and mooing! The loft of the barn can now be rented out for weddings and other special occasions. It's an absolutely beautiful space!

Looking up at the ceiling, I was mesmerized. I've never seen anything like it!

The lower level is now a gift shop with a variety of antiques, souvenirs and various garage sale type items. Yep, those are cassette tapes. I can assure you my kids have no idea what they are!

In the gardens outside there are several vintage tractors and even an old outhouse, which truly fascinated my little boys!

Arcadia is just a few miles from Edmond, on the north side of Oklahoma City. Since we still had some time before lunch, we decided to find a park to run off some energy first. If you follow Rt. 66 right into Edmond, you'll eventually come to a stoplight at Bryant. Take a left and you'll soon be at Hafer Park.
There are three different playgrounds,

a rock climbing wall,

and a pond with a jogging trail surrounding it.

My kids got creative. Aidan made a "fishing pole" out of garbage he found.

Alec dug a huge stick out of the pond! I love boys!

Once we worked up an appetite, we got back in the car and headed back east on Rt. 66 to hit up Pops Soda Ranch. I was only able to get a couple pictures of us in front of the huge soda bottle in front before my camera died!

You can see more pictures of the interior of the restaurant and more here. Pops is a gas station, and also a super fun restaurant. Along with delicious burgers, chicken fried steak and milkshakes, they have over 600 different flavors of soda from around the world! You can even get an empty six-pack carton to fill up with all different kinds of sodas to take home and try. The littles had fun picking out sodas for Marc, Carter and Corrinne to try since they weren't with us on our adventure.

Our little trip took us about a half day, but there's so much more we could have explored had we continued west. For ideas to plan your Rt. 66 adventure, check out the Historic 66 website for turn by turn information and planning tools!

What are your favorite spots on Rt. 66?

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Cheap and Free Summer Fun!

Summer can be fun for kids but a stress on Mommy. Filling all that time in their schedule can feel like anything but a lazy Summer. Good thing there are a lot of FREE and CHEAP things to do in Tulsa!

First off, I highly suggesting stocking up on all the inexpensive and easy go-to toys for the backyard like frisbees, sprinklers, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, water balloons and yard games:

And DON'T forget the popsicles, because really, what is Summer without the popsicles?!

Next, be sure you know about ALL the Cheap and Free stuff going on in Tulsa constantly!

Here's a list to get you started
For more great free and cheap ideas, check out Anna's Annual List of Cheap or Free Family Fun in Tulsa.

Also, TulsaKids Magazine has a great article about Cheap or Free Summer Fun in Tulsa

What are your tips for surviving Summer with your kids?

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