Monday, May 19, 2014

Mmmmm Hanson!

Am I the only one who feels 16 again every time I hear MmmmmmBop? I know I'm not. Here, just take a trip down memory lane with me:

This past weekend turned out being totally crazy and we missed out on Mayfest, Blue Dome Arts Festival AND Spring in the Square, all fantastic events I totally wanted to go to and blog about! However, we did not miss The Hop Jam!

Besides the fact that we all LOVE Hanson, this event is really awesome for Tulsa and the local microbreweries. Artisan beers are gaining in popularity and Tulsa has some amazing locally brewed beers. Inside the festival, there was an area with 14 Oklahoma breweries showcasing their beers. Festival attendees purchased tickets so they could sample as many of the beers as they wanted. Unfortunately, by the time I showed up, Hanson Brothers Beer was sold out!
Not a problem. It was still a beautiful day, and my beautiful friend, Dawn and I still got to try some yummy beers.

 At 5pm, the music started. The stage was perfectly poised to show off the skyline of downtown Tulsa.
My sweet little Alec and I had a good time. He loves music and dancing, and even got to go up close and see the stage and instruments, until he was too tired and needed a piggy back ride. Man, I love this kid.
Then TWO of the Hansons walked by and I went from being a completely rational, cool-as-a-cucumber grown-up, into a 14 year old girl and screamed (jumping up and down with my 6 year old on my back, mind you) "Oh my gosh! Picture, picture! I need a picture with Isaac Hanson!" Thankfully, he obliged.
We stuck around for a little more music from the local bands who opened for Hanson, then I had to get my little guy home since it was a school night. The most fun thing about the festival was seeing all the other thirtysomethings out there with their strollers and toddlers, trying to maintain the coolness they once had. The thing about Hanson is they are OUR band. These guys were our age when MmmBop went mainstream and we all felt like we were a part of it. Kids our age from our town, and they were rock stars. I mean, I was dancing to one of their early songs, "Poison Ivy" when I was in elementary or middle school at dance class!

The Hanson brothers continue to not only champion their hometown and state, but they are constantly raising money for amazing causes. They're just all around good guys, amazing musicians, and they're ours! Hanson is one of the many things that make me proud to be a Tulsan.

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