Friday, December 6, 2013

Snow Day Silly Putty

Hey Parents! It's a snow day here in Tulsa and we have been very busy. If you need to get crafty and keep your kids occupied, I've got a great recipe for you! Corrinne came home from school the other day with some homemade silly putty and shared the recipe with us. There really aren't any specific measurements; the process is more important than amounts.

It's so easy - here goes!

Homemade Silly Putty

School Glue
Water-based markers (optional)
Glitter glue (optional)
Disposable plastic cups for mixing

Watch carefully as teacher Corrinne instructs us!

First: glue. Elmer's school glue is what we used. You can use white or clear. 

About that much.

Next, mix up a few teaspoons of Borax in some water.

Scoop some into your cup on top of your glue.

Then make a fist and mush down into your cup in a pumping motion until you feel the putty form, then grab and squish, squish, squish until it's no longer sticky!

And voila!

Keep squishing until you can form little balls.

Use markers to color the putty!

Or, use glitter glue sticks to add glam!

So easy, and truly not that messy for a desperately needed indoor activity on a snow day!

How are you keeping your kids busy today?

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