Friday, September 6, 2013

Apple Pie Roll-Ups

Want a SUPER easy recipe that will make you feel like a SUPER mom? Of course you do!

So, the other day I saw this video on YouTube:

Then I said to myself, "Self, you should make those!" I almost always have crescent rolls in the fridge and apples and cinnamon, so it was a no brainer. I modified slightly and have a couple of other ideas too. Here we go!

Lay out your crescent roll dough.

Chop up your apples.

In the YouTube video, she only added cinnamon, but I went ahead and added some nutmeg and raw sugar (just a touch) too.

Roll 'em up and put them on a cookie sheet.

Then, pop 'em in a 350 degree oven! I made these early this morning, and my 6 year old (who slept in his clothes so he could have his morning chores done more quickly this morning), who was up early hoping I'd let him watch Netflix, monitored them closely.

Twelve measly minutes later, they were done and DELICIOUS!

So, here are my thoughts. First, Modern Mom touted these as "healthy" snacks, but I wouldn't really call croissants made with refined white flour and sugar and tons of preservatives healthy. They are YUMMY though. I'd have to do some investigatory reporting (for all you Zoolander fans) to figure out how to make the croissant dough healthier, but it at least can get some fruit in your kiddos' bellies.

Also, Carter said one thing was missing to make it really taste like apple pie: the apple pie goo. I bet if you added some honey or agave syrup it would be a little more moist and gooey. Maybe a dab of coconut oil too? You guys will have to try it and see what you come up with. Please share your experiments with me in your comments!

Other thoughts: my world is totally opening up thinking of all the OTHER things I could wrap up into a crescent roll. How about celery and peanut butter, ham and cheese, brocolli and cheese, peppers and sausage, spinach and artichoke...any other ideas?

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Oh yum!!!

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