Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tulsa's Improving Birth Rally for Change 2013

Maternity care in the U.S. is in crisis. The United States spends $98 Billion on maternity care and has some of the worst outcomes among developed countries. According to Amnesty International, “Women in the USA have a higher risk of dying of pregnancy-related complications than those in 49 other countries, including Kuwait, Bulgaria, and South Korea.”

Need more proof? 
·      Oklahoma's average cesarean rate is 32.4% which is well above the 15% suggested by the World Health Organization.
·      The national c-section average is about 33%, so more than half a million c-sections a year may be preventable.
·      Most women who have cesareans will give birth by a repeat c-section, which adds significant risk for further health complications even though vaginal birth  after cesarean (VBAC) has been proven safe for most of those women.
·      A third of birthing women will have their labor induced or intensified artificially with drugs without a sufficient medical need to do so, which isn’t supported by evidence and is proven to increase complications (including cesarean births).
·      More than half of birthing women are prevented from eating and drinking during labor and are also confined to a bed, which is not based on evidence and is proven to increase risks and complications.
·      Many women feel bullied or that they weren’t given adequate information with which to give informed consent for various procedures and interventions and end up feeling disappointed by their birth experience.
Improving Birth seeks to change these statistics and is holding their 2nd annual Rally for Change on Labor Day 2013. I will be at the rally, along with many other childbirth professionals and Tulsa parents. We want to increase awareness for Evidence Based Birth Care and empower women to take ownership over their birth experiences. 

The Improving Birth Rally is not about natural vs. medicated birth or hospital vs. home birth or birth center births. It's about respect for women and their decisions in chidlbirth!

Join with Tulsa families and childbirth professionals on September 2, 2013 at Green Acres Market in Jenks, Oklahoma for the Improving Birth Rally for Change. From 10am-Noon there will be a rally with local speakers and people holding signs to raise awareness for the change we want to see in maternity care.

From Noon-3pm there will be a maternity fair with local birth professionals, healthcare providers and other vendors available for expectant parents to meet and get information about their births. There will even be giveaways, and I will be giving away a birth plan manual!

Join us to make your voice heard and to learn about your choices in childbirth and help us improve birth in Tulsa!

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