Thursday, August 22, 2013

First Day of School!

"It's the day of the show, y'all!" (for you Guffman fans out there)

The backpacks are bought, lunches packed, handsome shirts on, breakfast eaten, paperwork filled out and pictures taken and they're off!

Carter - 7th Grade

Corrinne - 5th Grade

Aidan - 2nd Grade

Alec - 1st Grade

We are so excited for fresh starts and a new year for all four of our kids. This is a new chapter for us in so many ways and we're all on the journey together.

And me? Well, as a work-at-home-mom, I can't help but keep replaying this scene in my head:

Yes, yes, I love my kids and all, but Summer has been long enough. I have mimosas scheduled with my neighbor and I'm on my way out the door to the Y for some ME time! Fist bump to all you parents out there - we made it!

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