Thursday, June 13, 2013

Conversations in the Car Vol. 15

Driving home after VBS...

Me: So, did you guys have fun at VBS?

Corrinne: Yeah.

Aidan: Yes!

Alec: Uh-huh.

Me: Did you sing songs?

Aidan: Yeah, we did the one that goes, "Hallelu, hal-you...wait...Hallelu, hallelu, hal, hal, halla...wait...Hallelu, hal, hal, hal-you, hal-you, hal, hal...wait..."

Me: I think I know how that one goes, honey...

Corrinne: (To the others) Did you guys sing that one about all the men, but they were books of the Bible?"

Aidan: Oh yeah! It went like, "Matthew, Mark, John...wait...Matthew, Mark, Luke and...Matthew...wait..."

Me: It's okay honey, I don't even always remember all the books of the Bible.

Aidan: Yeah, but this is a song, Mom.

Me: Yes, I know it's a song, but...(searching for a way out here) Alec, did you have fun?

Alec: Yeah, I told you I did! We played Sharks and Minnows in the gym!

Me: Oh yeah, how do you play that?

Alec: Well, we've played it at the pool, Mom. It's pretty much like that.

Me: Well, I know how it goes in water, I just wanted to hear you talk about your morning and wondered if it was different on land. Did you talk about God, or did the teachers teach you anything about God?

Alec: No.

Me: ((pause)) Oh. Well...did they say anything about Jesus?

Alec: Oh yeah!

Me: And...what did they say about Jesus?

Alec: That he went on a road with all these people, these guys, and they beat him up and they dipped in his bucket. ((pause)) And that's sad.

Me: ((pause)) They... dipped in his bucket?

Alec: (With a pretty sincere frown on his face) Yeah, I didn't know Jesus got bucket dipped!

Me: ((pause)) I didn't know he got bucket dipped either, honey.

Alec: Yeah, that's sad. That's so sad he got bucket dipped.

Me: ...yeah...

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