Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Reorganizing and Letting Go

I have been thinking a lot lately about my priorities and what is most important in my life. My blog is an extension of both my business and my life. When I began writing, it was mostly a way for me to express myself, and sort through the issues in my heart in a relevant way in hopes of connecting with other people who may be experiencing the same things. When I launched my business, I wanted to incorporate evidence based information about pregnancy and childbirth into my already existing blog for my readers.

One way I decided to get organized and keep myself focused on "work things" was to have Mama Monday each week. This corner of my blog was to be the place where at least once a week I made sure to have a detailed and information rich post dealing with important pregnancy and childbirth related content. It worked for a while, but as time went on, Monday would come and go and I hadn't posted a specific Mama Monday article. Then if I wanted to write about it later in the week, I felt like I needed to past-date the post or wait until the next week so it would be on Monday, then it would just never get written. Part of it had to do with the fact that a specific pregnancy issue hadn't come to mind yet as relevant to discuss, but more commonly I found that "life" got in the way and I just couldn't make it to the computer.

As I embrace my role as a full time mom more and more, I realize that "life" isn't getting in the way. Life is the way. Around here, we call it Life in the Hive. I made a choice to incorporate my work into my personal blog because that's how it is with me; life and work and personal are all interconnected. I feel that when I write from my heart about life and love I am doing as much if not more than I do when I share more content based information about pregnancy and childbirth. Over time, as I tried to focus on having a "work" related article each week and then missing that article each week, I slowly stopped writing from the heart as much.

I am missing out on tapping into the emotional and creative ebb and flow that posts like Recipe for Family Night and Inspire Me bring, and I think you are too. So, I'm getting rid of Mama Monday. I will still post pregnancy and childbirth related posts; I just am going to let go and stop pretending that it will happen every week, or every Monday. For those of you that may search for these posts using Mama Monday as a tag, I will leave them tagged as such, but I will remove Mama Monday from their titles.

I work best when I share what's on my heart in the moment and when I'm not constrained by arbitrary rules, even rules I constructed myself! So, get ready for the new and improved Honeybee Mama, which is really just what Honeybee Mama always was and is letting herself be again!

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