Monday, March 25, 2013

Corbin's Birth

In honor of World Doula Week, March 22-28, 2013, I am posting as many birth stories as I have submitted! I want to share stories of women who had doula support for their birth and how they feel they benefited from the experience.

If you would like to share your story, please submit it by email. Include anything you wish to, but particularly how and why you chose to have a doula at your birth, what she did, and how you feel it made your birth experience a positive one. 

And now, a birth story from another long time friend I used to rock out with to Michael W Smith, Jill.

Five years ago, I had been going to prenatal yoga and had a wonderful instructor, Celeste McNeal, who was studying to be a doula. Through months of yoga with her, she could relax me down with the simple sound of her voice. I read a book about natural childbirth at the urging of many people at the yoga facility. The book described natural childbirth as taking mental control over pain during childbirth. Well, I was studying to be a psychologist and mental power is what I believe in - so now I had to do it!
I asked if she would be my unofficial doula and she agreed. With Celeste as 'the voice' and my husband there to rub my back, the birth of my son went well. I was even induced with Pitocin and had my water broken and was able to do it without an epidural.
I spent a lot of time on a birthing ball and I think Celeste and my husband had to listen to the same song on repeat for about 20 minutes (note to the readers: Celeste interjected here and clarified that they probably listened to that Jack Johnson song for HOURS!) while I was in the zone!
There were some complications with the third stage of labor and I ended up needing surgery to remove the placenta, which was scary, but what I remember most about the birth is the amazing support I had from Celeste. It was such a calm and positive experience I still wanted a natural birth with my second child!

Thank you Jill and Celeste for sharing this story with me. 

For more information about World Doula Week, please see their website here.

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