Thursday, March 28, 2013

Carrie's Birth Story

In honor of World Doula Week, March 22-28, 2013, I am posting as many birth stories as I have submitted! I want to share stories of women who had doula support for their birth and how they feel they benefited from the experience.

If you would like to share your story, please submit it by email. Include anything you wish to, but particularly how and why you chose to have a doula at your birth, what she did, and how you feel it made your birth experience a positive one. 

Please enjoy Carrie's story of the birth of her daughter. 
We met with a super-awesome doula here in Durham named Erin. She encouraged us to go to a meet-the-doulas meeting to meet her back-ups. She said that she had only had that happen once, but that it was always a good idea. So I went with my best friend Jennifer.
While there, I solidified that I definitely wanted to hire Erin, but told her that if I was one of those people who needed a back-up, and the option was there, I would pick Joanne if I could. I just liked her vibe.

Fast forward six months...on August 22nd. I'm at the sewing machine working on the crib skirt for our little girl. We are due on the 25th and CERTAIN she will be late. I'm a twin who was born on her due date and both of my brothers were ten days late! We figured the universe would get me back for my "punny" ways by making me labor on Labor Day! I had even sent Erin an email earlier that day saying that I had only been 1cm at my appointment on Monday and I wasn't feeling anything so I was a sure I'd see her next week!
But at 11pm, after having worked until 8...labor began. And it wasn't "early" labor either--didn't feel a lick of that, I realized later. (At the time I was freaking out, looking at my phone on my app in between contractions and wondering why my timing didn't match early labor!) I messaged Erin who said she was already at the hospital with another mom--she'd send us a back-up doula for now and meet up with us after the mom delivered--the first twin would probably arrive soon. And turns out that not only was it Joanne, she was her only back-up available, so I was certain to get her.

As fortune would have it, Joanne turned out to be the perfect doula for me that day because I was having SO much hip pain and tension in my legs--and Joanne is also a massage therapist! Joanne was there for us at home to help us labor and went with us to the hospital. As it turned out, she was there all the way through my daughter's birth! (the second of the twins was slower to arrive than anticipated!) Erin got to come see us about 45 minutes after our daughter was born, and both Erin and Joanne teamed up to take care of the post-partum. It was wonderful!
I am SO glad we chose to hire a doula. I really don't know that I could've gone epidural-free (and even IV free) without one. They gave me confidence in my own choices, educated me when necessary and were just amazing!
For more information about finding Tulsa Doulas, please see DONEOK, DACO, and DONA International.

Happy World Doula Week!

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