Monday, January 14, 2013

Mama Monday - The "Hey Mommies"

How many of you have seen this clip?

If you haven't, it's worth a chuckle to click play. If you're a mommy too, it's a little gratifying to know you're not the only one to feel exhausted with what I call the "Hey Mommies."

In any given day I am inundated with any one of the following hey mommies 16 thousand times:

"Hey Mommy, did you know who Anakin becomes? Darth Vader. Did you know that?"

"Hey Mommy, are we doing anything fun today?"

"Hey Mom, these shoes make me run fast, wanna see?"

"Hey Mommy, knock knock...[insert punchline that makes absolute zero sense]"

"Hey Mom, can we eat lunch at school today?"

"Hey Mommy, did you know sponges are almost indestructible?"

"Hey Mom, can we have dessert tonight?"

"Hey Momma, when are we going to the library again, because you said, remember when you said we were going to go to the library and get to play on the computers there because you don't like us to play on the computer at home because you say we're going to break it so you always make us play on the computers at the library, and remember YOU SAID, and you PROMISED we could go today?"

"Hey Missy, can you ask Aunt Jeannie if cousin Jack can spend the night tonight?"

"Hey Missy, did you ask her? Can he? Well, can he tomorrow night? How about next weekend?"

"Hey Missy, did you know [insert some random string of facts about Pokemon games that I did not know and still will never know because it is...Pokemon]?"

"Hey Missy, look at this icicle I found."

"Hey Missy, look at this other icicle I found."

"Hey Missy, look, this one's bigger!!"

And the list goes on and on and on (and on and on). Then, when you share parenting with another parent, you get the inevitable "Hey Dad...I mean...Hey Mommy..." for a couple of days when they get back to your house. 

And it's exhausting. A friend and I were talking the other day about how sometimes we just want to not have to answer. Do you ever just want to say, "Mommy needs some quiet time to be quiet, while you're Quiet and let her be QUIET."

I'll be the first to admit that I've said (on more than one occasion), "I need you to stop talking to me, please."

But after that conversation with my friend, I got to thinking about something very sweet about my husband that in turn caused me to really appreciate the "Hey Mommies."

At the end of each day when my husband comes home from work, he sets in to tell me about all of his challenges, successes, and funny stories of the day. Sometimes I even feel tired as he talks to me while I fix dinner, but I am energized knowing that he WANTS to share his day with me. Isn't that all most of us want from our husbands? Don't we long for them to come home at the end of the day and talk to us about theirs, and ask us about ours? I am so fortunate to be my husband's friend, the one person he wants to share his stories with each day. And I cherish listening to them. 

It occurred to me that we are that person to our kids too. Yes, sometimes they're just talking to whomever will listen, but I genuinely think for the most part we are the intended audience for their thoughts, concerns, questions, show and tells, and tears. They want us to see their cool trick on their scooters, and watch all 25 times they try to recreate it because, "Oh, I messed up...hang on. Just watch one more time!"

We, as mommies and daddies, are the very people our children look to for praise, reassurance, critique, teaching, boundaries, companionship and so much more.

As I remember that I've set a goal for myself to have more grace with my children, I will make a choice to patiently answer and listen, at least a little more, to the "Hey Mommies."

Otherwise there may come a day when I don't hear them any more. And that sure would be some tragic quiet.

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