Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Honeybee Holiday

No kids on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning means quiet and slowness. Just one of the things you get as a divorced parent. It always feels a little weird, but we make the best of it!

We enjoyed some of my husband's family famous french toast.

And coffee by the fire admiring Christmas Cards. They're one of my favorite things about the holidays!

Then I got to baking. In my family, we only give gifts to the children, but my sister-in-law and I get around the rule by making homemade gifts for the adults.

I tried my hand at Smitten Kitchen's Cheese Straws. Oh my! SO easy and SOOO yummy!

And some real food dark chocolate and dried cranberry cookies. I found the recipe on the side of the King Arthur's Whole Wheat Flour bag, and have been wanting to try the recipe for a while. They're delicious!

I had already roasted some local pecans and filled goodie bags with pecans and cheese straws for family and friends.

Those along with some homemade bath salts made for a sweet Homemade Honeybee Holiday!

The tree is still filled with presents while we wait for all the kids to be with us on Thursday, and we're enjoying snuggles in the warm house while it's coooooollllld outside!

Happy Holidays from the Honeybee Six-Pack to you!

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