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Real Food Recipe - Chicken Pot Pie

As of late I have been more and more drawn to the "Real Food" craze. If you're not familiar with the term, check out Real Food Defined. Basically, it's transforming your diet into non-processed (or minimally processed), whole foods.

What I LOVE about it is it's actually very non-restrictive, allowing butter, oils, sugars (just non refined like agave nectar, honey, etc.), and carbohydrates (as long as they are whole grains). So I've been doing what I can to incorporate more whole foods in our family menu, and tweaking favorite recipes so that they qualify as Real Food.

One of the first of my recipes to get a makeover was Chicken Pot Pie. Most everything in the recipe was already whole food: chicken and veggies. I really just needed to switch out the crust and the chicken stock. Join me and I'll take you through how I make delicious, from scratch chicken pot pie!

First, make your crust. This is a main switch to making the recipe real food; however, making pie crust is tricky and I didn't have the patience for trying to show the whole process with pictures. I always use Pampered Chef's Perfect Pie Crust Recipe, so follow that. Just substitute Whole Wheat Pastry Flour for all purpose flour. I use Bobs Red Mill Whole Wheat Pastry Flour (Google Affiliate Ad) and I love it!

Then you need to chop about a half cup each of onions, carrots and celery. Toss those into a med/high heated pan with a couple tablespoons or so of good olive oil. Season with kosher salt and fresh cracked peppercorns.

Then chop and pan fry about one small/medium potato (any kind will do). I had leftover breakfast potatoes (sauteed in olive oil with season salt and pepper) so I just used those. It equaled a "heaping" cup. Don't you love recipes that call for "heaping" measurements? I do! Toss those puppies into your veggie pan.

You'll need about a cup and a half of cooked chicken. I had a leftover roasted breast of chicken, but you could use boiled chicken, canned chicken, or grill up a fresh chicken breast. Mine was seasoned simply with a garlic/sea salt blend and pepper. Toss that into your pan with the veggies.

Now, here's where another real food transformation comes in. Normally I would have used a boxed or canned chicken stock or boullion cubes and/or a can of cream of chicken soup. Those come with all kinds of extra stuff you'd never imagine would be in chicken stock (and soup), so I made my own! One of these days I promise I'll tell you how I make mine, but for now I'll let you google it. I added two full cups of chicken stock, as you'll see later was too much, so I'd shoot for more like a cup to a cup and a half.

Then you need to thicken it.  I used a tablespoon-ish of corn starch. You could also use a
beurre maniƩ (butter flour mixture) with a little cream, or a roux, but I was being lazy.

Bring that all to a boil, then turn it down to simmer, stirring occasionally and scraping the bottom.

Add about a half cup of frozen peas. You could use canned if you want, but I think those are nasty so I use frozen.

Don't worry about the peas cooking. They'll heat up once you get the whole pie in the oven. Now, start spooning everything into your pie crust.

Go ahead and pour it all in. And if you pay attention to my note before and use only 1 1/5 cups of stock instead of 2, you won't have this problem!

Get that top crust on top, overlapping the edges with the bottom. Sandwich the top and bottom together and tuck under all the way around.

Then come back around and pipe the edges. To do that, pinch a bit of the crust in between thumb and forefinger, making a little "v," then use your other thumb and push the dough inside that little "v."

Use a knife to cut little vents on the top.

Then, you can brush the top with an egg wash, melted butter, oil or cooking spray, and she's ready to go in the oven! 350 until she's golden brown.

Like this.

Slice into that pretty little lady and scoop into a bowl and ENJOY!

I love my chicken pot pie with a side slice of extra sharp cheddar cheese. Ooh, I'm hungry now after doing this post!

Enjoy, and let me know how you like it!

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