Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Playing Catch Up

I better start blogging regularly before you guys stop considering me a blogger! Been a little quiet on the writing front for me, but not on the home front. I thought I'd take a minute and catch you guys up on life in the hive.

Thanksgiving break kicked off with babysitting. The day before Turkey Day I had the opportunity to return the favor for a dear friend in my neighborhood (who often watches my kids for births and such) and keep her two children while she finished up her holiday baking. Then, we kept six more children of a midwife friend of mine whose client went into labor. It was a busy day as we prepared to host Thanksgiving dinner the following day, but it was filled with snuggles and sweet babies!

We hosted Thanksgiving for my brother and his family, and my dad.

My husband and I were thrilled to do most of the cooking, and we all filled our bellies with yummy food!

Then, we went to Mimi's for dessert and leaves,

and a late night of poker while the kids played.

My husband made some magic with leftovers. These are potato pancakes (from leftover mashed potatoes) with a dill and garlic sour cream sauce. Oh my goodness...they were soooooo good.

Alongside the potato pancakes, a family Parcheesi tournament ensued,

followed by turkey treat dessert making!

You can bet we "gobbled" them up! Hee hee!

There was lots and lots of lounging and snuggling.

Then I had to make some leftover magic. These are ham and cranberry sauce pinwheels made from croissant dough!

Aidie lost a tooth!

I may have finally perfected my homemade bread recipe,

and have successfully gotten my Christmas decorations up earlier than ever before!

To top it all off, our dear friends, who might as well be family, made a stop to stay with us for a few days as they move from Ocala, Florida to Santa Cruz, California. It was heaven to have them here, fitting seamlessly into our home and routine, and bittersweet to see them leave.

I have spent the day putting away extra bedding, cleaning up messes left behind, washing laundry that's piled up and trying to reorganize myself to focus on work. It almost feels like things might get back to normal, for a little while at least.

Of course, now we prepare for Christmas! The kids are making their lists and checking them twice, as we brainstorm about what gifts will rock their world on Christmas morning. And in the midst of the holiday hub-ub, I contemplate how to continue to foster giving spirits in my children. I think we'll start the season right by going to a fundraiser at Bounce U this evening. They are collecting donations for Toys for Tots, and I think that's the perfect way to remind my littles to be givers!

Love and Honey,

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