Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Conversations in the Car Vol. 14

We were driving in the car on our way to Stroud for the littles' bi-monthly visit to their dad's house. The boys were eating their fast food dinners while I visited on the phone with a friend who has recently moved to Tulsa. She had asked me about different churches in town and which one's I've visited and my opinions about them. I'm sure I used the term "christian" at least a few times during the conversation. Here's what happened when I hung up.

Aidan: Mom, what's a Christian?

Alec: Yeah, what's a Christian?

Me: Well, a Christian is someone who believes in God and believes that Jesus loves us and died on the cross for our sins and came back to life so we could be close to God.

The Littles in unison: I'm a Christian!!

Me: I am too. Isn't it good to know how much God loves us?

Aidan: Wait, what are sins?

Alec: Yeah, what are sins?

Me: Well, sins are when we make bad choices and do things that hurt other people or ourselves. Things that God tells us aren't a good idea. We all make bad choices, but God loves us no matter what and gave us Jesus to show us how to love each other and make better choices.

Aidan: Oh yeah, that's good.

Alec: Yeah, I like Jesus.


Though I shy away from the label sometimes, and in many ways find it hard to identify with mainstream Christianity, I am a Christian. Jesus is my example for grace, love and abundant life and the Way that he walked has been the vehicle for healing in my life time and time again. Many people celebrate the day or the moment they became "saved" and celebrate this moment in the lives of their children too. I'm not sure my boys have a particular moment to look back on where they would say they "became" Christians, but I know they are.

And I will forever cherish this moment when they told me!

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