Thursday, October 25, 2012

Get Crafty - Knotted Wreaths

As crafty as you may think I am because I sew, I really don't do that much very often.

When I do, though, I tend to get on a roll!

Fall is my favorite season, and I've been inspired by the changing weather and colorful scenery to get crafty. Last week, the littles helped me gather leaves to make a beautiful Fall Leaf Garland. This week, I got itching to make some wreathes.

I hit the jackpot at Target in the dollar bins, and found some great Autumn themed stickers and foam wreaths.

I had some beautiful scrap fabric from a friend and decided to find a way to use it. If you don't already have scrap fabric, you can often find inexpensive scrap fabric at Hobby Lobby, Jo-Ann's or others. Ask for the "remnants," and to make one of these wreaths, you might need about a half yard of combined fabrics (unless you want to use all the same print), cut into one inch strips.

The rest is really an art of estimation, which, to be honest, all of my crafts and sewing projects are! Nothing has to perfect, which is why I don't even know the exact amount of fabric to tell you to get! I just tied the pieces of fabric together with simple knots, trying to leave as much length in between knots as possible. Once you create your "rope" of fabric, just start wrapping the foam wreath with your fabric. When you get to the end, just tie one end of your rope to the first end you put on the wreath and you're done!

Ta-da! This would be even cuter with some vintage buttons hot-glued on, or some fabric flowers. You could even string up a family picture inside and use the wreath like a photo frame!

I'm loving it. And it's so easy, I may start filling my home with lots of wreaths. I never seem to be at a loss for scrap fabric around here!

I had gotten another idea for an Nut Wreath from Martha Stewart, so I started on a second one.  I started by wrapping another foam wreath like before with knotted strips of the same linen fabric I use for my slings.

Then I stuck on those cute Fall Stickers I got from Target, and pulled out my hot glue gun for the acorns. (FYI, I gathered those from my brother's house. If you don't have acorns in your yard, just go to your nearest park and I'm sure you won't look for long before you find some!)

I had thought at first I'd cover the whole thing like Martha did, but after just a few to accent my other cute stickers, I was happy with it just the way it was!

It was so easy, and took less than a half hour to make both of those wreaths.

If you can't find the foam wreaths at Target, you can easily find all different sizes and shapes at your local craft store.

Have fun, and send me pics of your wreath!

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