Thursday, October 25, 2012

Get Crafty - Give Thanks Garland

I've been super inspired to get crafty over the last week, and have been having all kinds of fun decorating our home to celebrate Fall and the holidays that come with it.

The littles have been begging me to decorate for Halloween, but I've never been too keen on decorating with webs, spiders, or other blood and gore. I am, however, very happy to decorate to celebrate the harvest and prepare for Thanksgiving.

I am loving the trend of bunting and banners right now, and recently enlisted the littles to help me make a Fall Garland with leaves from a nature walk. Next I wanted to make one with words to celebrate and inspire us to remember to be thankful in the harvest season.

I started with some card stock in Fall themed colors (same stuff I found at Michael's that I used for my Mason Jar Pumpkin Lantern). Cut the card stock in quarters. Don't worry about measuring perfectly; just eyeball it. I usually do!

Then, use a hole puncher to make holes in the top two corners of each rectangle.

Next, you can either eyeball letters, or use stencils like these. I found these for around $5 at Michael's, but you can find something similar at any craft store, or print some online. I chose 5 inch letters because I wanted them to stand out on a large garland, but you could really use any size you like.

If you craft often, you probably have some acrylic paint in your closet. If not, you can find it pretty cheap at your local craft store. You could also use tempera paint, water colors or markers.  Anything you have will work!

Use a paint brush or sponge to paint through the cut-outs of the stencils.

And voila!

Next I used some cute Fall themed ribbon I found at Target in the dollar bin (along with the foam wreaths and Fall stickers I used for my knotted wreaths) and cut each one in half. So, each piece of ribbon is probably about 6-8 inches long.

Then I folded the ribbon to get it through the hole punch and tied a knot at the end.

I continued the process (so each piece of ribbon has two knots on it, connecting the pieces of card stock), until I had a whole garland, placing black pieces of card stock on each end and in between the words "Give Thanks."


Mine is very simple, with the eclectic touch of several different colors and prints of ribbons. You could easily embellish with glitter and different colors of scrapbook paper.

Happy Crafting! Make your own and post a pic or link in your comment!

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