Friday, August 24, 2012

{my moment}

A moment captured from the week that captured my heart. 
A Friday ritual inspired by Soulemama.

With each year of school I think I'll get less emotional, but tears are sneaky. It was a rushed morning. I of course had waited until that very morning to sort through their piles of school supplies to organize, and pack their lunches, and insist they "try again" several times for a handsome first day outfit. AND I insisted on cooking them eggs and making cinnamon toast to fill their bellies. It was straight crazy. 

We made it out alive though, got to school on time and I walked them to their First Grade and Kindergarten classes. I felt my baby, Alec, needed more attention since he had been holding my hand since we walked in the front door, so I dropped Aidan at his class quickly and walked Alec to his. Aidan just seems like such the school expert these days. As they have in years past, I thought the tears would come after all the pictures were taken, backpacks put away, and lips kissed, but they snuck up on me. Without even realizing what was happening, I was all of the sudden overcome as I looked down to see Alec's face approaching his class. I don't know what it is that makes us weepy sending them to school. It's more emotional than birthdays! It signifies so many things. They are growing too fast for us to catch them, yet we want them to grow. School tears are a mixture of surprise, joy and pride all mixed with the sadness of knowing you will never get back the moment you've just experienced.

Once I got Alec settled in his class, and the tears left as quickly as they'd come, I went to check on Aidan and say good bye. Seemingly very comfortable in his new desk (they have desks in First Grade!), playing quietly with legos, he looked up at me and said, "Mommy, I forgot Madison." The First Grade students had all been asked to bring teddy bears with them for the first and second days of school. Madison was my bear when I was a little girl and has been passed to Aidan. His teacher offered a couple of extras she had but the look on his face told me they wouldn't do. I asked if he wanted an extra bear or if he wanted me to go get Madison. "I want you to go get Madison," he said without a flinch. No problem, kid.

Looks like my other baby still needs me too.

If you're inspired to do the same, leave a link to your moment in your comment!

Happy Weekend, Lovies!

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Dani said...

I just want to cry looking at this photo! Those handsome little boys aren't so little anymore. I love them!!!!!!!


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