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Childbirth Education and Birth Plans for a Better Birth

The third installment of my Mama Monday series on Five Steps to a Better Birth is about Childbirth Education and Birth Plans.

In the past couple of weeks, I've discussed how Nutrition and Exercise both contribute to a smoother and more fulfilling birth experience. This week will focus on the things you need to know in order to be prepared for birth.

1. Childbirth Education is important for a couple of reasons. A good childbirth course will go beyond informing you of what to expect at your hospital or place of birth regarding admissions policies, routine procedures, and the process of a cesarean birth. Quality Childbirth Education should inform you on each stage of the process of childbirth so you know what to expect from your body and emotions. Understanding the process of childbirth eliminates fear and anxiety by helping you know what you're experiencing is normal and your body is capable of birthing your baby. Eliminating anxiety and stress hormones is key in allowing your body to produce effective labor hormones which produce a peaceful and calm atmosphere and help progress birth.

Consider the following methods of childbirth education as you prepare for your birth. Each method or philosophy is slightly different but these all promote a well rounded understanding of Normal Birth and empowerment of the mother or birthing couple.
There is plenty of information on the Internet and in bookstores about these methods. Getting your hands on books and information to read is incredibly helpful, and attending a class with a qualified instructor alongside other pregnant couples is even more beneficial. The following list encompasses several fantastic options in the Tulsa Metro for you to enroll in a Childbirth Education class in order to better prepare for your birth experience.
2. Preparing a Birth Plan goes hand in hand with getting educated about the birth process. The Importance of a Birth Plan is two fold. First, it requires you to be informed of the birth process as discussed above as well as all of the interventions and options available to you. Secondly, it gives you a platform and voice through which to communicate your wishes with your care provider (Obstetrician, Family Physician or Midwife) and your friends and family.

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So many women are poorly informed, if at all, of all the options available in childbirth. Informed consent is sadly a misnomer in many situations. Having your preferences clearly stated in writing for the hospital staff and your family eliminates confusion and questioning when you are in the throws of the intense and emotional process of birth.

For more information about birth plans, see my previous posts and contact me with any questions you have. I have written a detailed and comprehensive Childbirth Training Manual for my clients which is available for purchase alone or in conjunction with other Doula Packages.

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Stay tuned next week when we Focus on Fetal Positioning!

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