Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Inspire Me

If you don't know much about Diana Nyad, read more about what she's been up to here.

I really identify with her feeling of the "countless, countless" hours passed or wasted that you can never get back, and the haunting thought that you want every one after them to matter. I think that's why I keep myself so busy most of the time. I just can't bear the thought of knowing I've wasted one second of this precious life. But I want to do something great too. I don't want to look back on my life and know I had a dream but didn't see it realized. I also identify with the way she talks about swimming, "into the night and on into the next day." Wow. Can you imagine swimming all night long? Though I have not come anywhere close to the physical feat she has (four times!), I have had my own races to run whether physical, emotional or spiritual. Don't the hard times of life feel like that, dragging on through the night and into the next day? And somehow we come out on the other side, even if a boat has to come along and drag us out of the water.

Thank you, Diana. You Inspire Me.

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