Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Conversations in the Car Vol. 13

Picked the littles up from their second day of school last Friday. The littlest bee, Alec, is in Kindergarten this year, and my other one, Aidan, is in First Grade this year.

Me: "How was school today, guys?"

Alec: "It was good. I finished my ham sandwich today. Can we watch a movie?"

Me: "Yeah, go ahead."

Aidan: "Hey Mom?"

Me: "Yeah?"

Aidan: "When you were a little girl and you were in school, did you know a boy that was the most handsomest boy in school, and everyone knew that he was the most handsomest boy in school and you wished you were the prettiest girl in school so he would be your friend?"

Me: "Well, yes, probably something like that, why?"

Aidan: "Because there is a girl that I know that is the prettiest girl in school, and she even has a pretty name."

Me: "Oh really? What's her name?"

Aidan: [leaning back with an exhausting sigh] "Grace."

Me: "Oh yes, Grace is a beautiful name."

Aidan: "Yeah. So can you tell me what to do, and what I can wear and what I can do to be the most handsomest boy in school?"

Me: [feeling slightly horrified that I'm already talking about crushes with my six year old] " her your friend?"

Aidan: "Yeah, and think that I'm the most handsomest boy in school. What do I do?"

Me: [remembering the years of taunting I endured at the hands of countless tribes of boys in grade school for everything from wearing glasses and misplaced ponytails to running the wrong direction in kick ball, not to mention a complete inability to dodge flying projectiles in "Dodge Ball"] "You're asking the wrong parent, kid."

Aidan: "Well what do I do then?"

Me: "Well the best thing you can ever do to make friends is to be kind to others."

Aidan: "Yeah, but what do I do for GIRLS??"

Me: "Well, you should be a gentleman for all girls. Let girls go first through doors, open doors for them. And it's a good idea to look nice when you go to school, like wear handsome shirts (the name for collared shirts in our house) and fix your hair."

Aidan: "But I have a buzz cut."

Me: "Well, then it's already fixed nice and clean."

Aidan: "Okay. Well, the girls always get to go first in line and we let them wash their hands for lunch first too."

Me: "Well, there ya go. It sounds like you're on the right track!"

Aidan: "Okay, good."

Oh boy. Hopefully we can keep this at a general discussion of kindness and manners and acting like a gentleman for at least a few more years!

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