Thursday, June 14, 2012

In Honor of The Grand Reopening

In honor of the grand reopening of Tulsa's very own Admiral Twin Drive-In TOMORROW, I thought I'd share an old post about one of our most favorite and memorable dates!

Original post - August 28, 2010

I love adventure.  I love discovering hidden treasures while running errands or catching wind of some festival or market happening around the corner.  I love knowing you don't have to travel far to find excitement and adventure.  Usually, my kids are my partners in crime (see Robots and Donuts saga, and our trips to the Philbrook), and now I get to drag the boyfriend along too! 

It's been since at least Jr. High youth group that I've been to the Drive-In.  Check out Pinball Rebel's blog about it - great pics!  I simply mentioned it to the boy and he was equally delighted about the idea.  Immediately, we began discussing what would be included in the picnic dinner, how we would arrange the truck for optimal comfort, etc. etc. 

The day we had planned to go, ideally chosen for our mutual lack of offspring, had showers off and on and we were afraid our plans would be rained out.  Thankfully, it rained just enough to cool things off, and by the time we rolled in to our spot the skies were clear and the weather was perfect!
Here we go!

Comfort optimization of truck bed, accomplished by the layering of moving pads, pillows, and a quilt for chills when the sun goes down, check!


Snuggle worthy? Check!


See, clear skies, told you!!


Delightful picnic of grilled chicken, sliced sharp white cheddar cheese, grapes, strawberries, and crusty french bread with butter.  Sam Adams and Lindeman's Framboise in the cooler. 




Toy Story 3 (yes, we are adults who intentionally went to see a kids' movie without the kids, and it was delightful!) on the big screen!


Smiles all around.  What a fun, fun, and most perfect date!


Here's to adventure; it's everywhere!

Read Channel 6's news story on the soft grand opening here, and get more info about tickets, events, and Drive-In policies on their Facebook page here. It looks like they're not allowing outside food and drink anymore, which means no more lovely picnics like ours, but they have concessions available!


MS said...

...and they lived happily ever after...l

Love you guys!

Missy Rose said...

hehee, yes we did...or you too!


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