Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tea Party

During my recent outing to the mall with Corrinne, we strolled through one of the department stores looking for the little girls' section and passed through the china. When she saw a gorgeous tea set, Corrinne mentioned that she loves tea sets and she has one that her grandmother bought her. I told her we ought to have a tea party. "Oh yeah, and we could make crumpets!" she said. 

As if it hadn't already been a fantastic afternoon with her, I was elated to begin thinking about how I could make an impromptu tea party happen when we got home. She was really excited to invite her best friends from next door, and I was just excited to be involved!

We didn't have time to make crumpets (or figure out exactly what they even are for that matter), but I did have some leftover lemon yellow cake I'd made for a Cinco de Mayo get together the night before, and some lovely strawberries from our Berry Farm adventure! That'll work!

Though we are typically coffee drinkers around here, I did have some tea on hand I thought the girls might actually drink. Apple Spice, perfect!

I found some whipped cream in the fridge too. It squirted in the wrong direction, but I figured no one would have any issues with the mess.

Garnished with one of our new favorite things, kiwi slices covered in sugar. Oh my, they're like candy!

I did my best to dress up the patio. It's just not quite the same without fancy, dainty tea cups though.

I think they had fun dunking their tea bags, spooning their sugar and acting "grown-up!"

I wasn't having a bad time myself!

I didn't have any fresh flowers, so I decorated with some pretty seashells we found during our family vacation to South Padre last summer.

Corrinne LOVES the kiwi!

Sweet sisters!

Then, something happened and the girls lost their daintiness. I guess that's a good sign that I made a yummy dessert!

There may have been some fighting over the last piece.

And a winner who finally stole it from the others and quickly devoured the evidence!

Soon a discussion ensued about what needs to happen the next time we have a tea party? Next time?! Really?! Oh goodie, I get to do this again!!

We decided we must have real tea cups, and plan to scour thrift stores soon. The girls also all agreed that next time everyone must wear dresses, side buns, and hats. Thanks to my best friend, I have the PERFECT sun hat to wear next time, and ran and got it to share with the girls.

I sure love this girl. She has a fire and a light in her like none I've ever seen, and one day I'm pretty sure she'll conquer the world.

Today, though, we play.

Love and Honey,


tea cozy said...

love the photos as always.

Missy Rose said...

thank you!


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