Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Adventures of Lovey

On Monday, Alec got to bring home his Pre-K class friend called Lovey. Lovey gets to go home one day at a time with each child in the class. Lovey has a journal of all his adventures with all of his friends. 

Alec has been patiently waiting to bring Lovey home so he can have his own adventures with him! After I picked Alec and Lovey up from school, we went to Subway for lunch. Alec shared a ham sandwich with him. Little man always whimpers because I make him get "salad" (spinach) on his sandwich, but Lovey didn't mind.

Then, we took Lovey to Downtown Tulsa to see the world, 

some really tall buildings,

and visit our old friends at the bank.

Alec (and Lovey) got a visitors badge to go up the elevators in the big, tall, BOK Tower!

Then he got to sit in a tall cafe table at the coffee shop. Lovey doesn't really drink coffee, but he didn't mind the company.

Alec even got Lovey his own sucker at the bank!

Lovey liked the revolving doors so much he went a few extra times around!

On the way home, we stopped at the pet store to pick up some food for our pet gecko, Cheeto. Lovey got a good look at the bunnies,

and the snakes. This picture still gives me the heebie jeebies!

Next stop, our second bank of the day. Lovey and Alec shared some popcorn. You need some salty after the sweet sucker!

Lovey even got to help feed the crickets to Cheeto.

After we picked up big brother, Aidan, we went to the park to run out some more energy before dinner.

One more stop at the store on the way home,

and after dinner and bath time, it was time to snuggle up with Lovey (and Mr. Momo) and sleep tight for the night.

The next morning, we were sure to record our adventures in Lovey's notebook.

It was a super fun day. I love this age, and I will truly miss four. I can't even let my mind think about the fact that this may be the last little bee I get to walk through the age of four. For now, I will savor this sweet picture and Lovey's grand adventures!

Love and Honey,

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