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Recipe for Family Night {St. Patty's Day Special}

Yes, yes I know St. Patty's Day was a long time ago. Yes, yes I know you haven't heard much from me lately besides haiku wednesdays and my moment Fridays. Yes, yes I'm terribly sorry! I promise that when I'm done with the projects I've got in the works you will be pleased. And no, no I am not burnt out being a blogger and will in fact get back into the swing of things...soon!

Without further ado, I've got to tell you about the fun family night we had on St. Patrick's Day this year. Marc and I are kind of spontaneous when it comes to get togethers at our house, and this day was no different. It all started as a boys' (grown-up boys, but boys nonetheless) poker party on a Saturday night. Originally only serious poker players were invited, then only half of them could come. Then I started to feel left out (since even IF I play poker it's certainly anything but serious) and started inviting the wives of the poker players, and other friends lookin' for something to do, and before we knew it we were having a party!

My littles are uber aware of holidays, thanks to public school, and insist that we celebrate President's Day, MLK Jr. Day, Ground Hog Day, and now, St. Patty's Day. I really did not have the energy to go downtown for all the hubub and parade, so I thought the least I could do was make cookies. I decided on Mint Chocolate Chippers. I sort of invented the recipe, but I promise it's not hard. After my sweet friend Dawn showed up early to the party to cut my bangs for me, I decided to get started on the cookie dough.

Just some refrigerated rolls of sugar cookie dough to begin with. I could have made my own, but I decided to go the easy route!

Andes Mints baking pieces, yum!! I also threw in some dark chocolate chips, just didn't snap a pic.

Good ole green food coloring - I like the gel kind. I'm less likely to get it on my clothes!

And some pure mint extract. I can't tell you exactly how much food coloring or mint extract I used. Just mix until you get the color you want, and probably around a teaspoon of the mint extract.

And mix in your mixer til incorporated!

It helps to have a taste tester. We decided it tasted just like mint chocolate chip ice cream!

I put the dough in the fridge to set up a bit and got started making our dinner. Now, if any of you are friends with me on facebook, or follow me on twitter, you know that about a month ago I posted a LOT about Pioneer Woman's Spicy Dr. Pepper Pork. It's amazing. And delicious. And wonderful. And amazing. And spicy, and sweet, and...AMAZING! First I made her original recipe with buttered noodles, then I made pizzas on naan bread, then tacos, then empanadas, then these nachos.

One layer of chips on a non-stick baking sheet, a layer of pulled pork and 3 cheese blend of your choice, then another layer of chips with various sliced onions and sweet peppers and another layer of cheese. Top off with dollops of your sweet and spicy chipotle adobo sauce from the original pork recipe.

Pop in the oven for 10 minutes or until everything is melty and bubbly, and...omg.

I'm not gonna lie. They were AMAZING. Insane. Everyone gobbled them up. I had sour cream and salsa and guac on the side for dipping and I had a lot of happy guests at my house!
Once everyone had eaten and visited for a while, I got the cookies into the oven. How cute are those little scoops. Mint chocolate chip ice cream, I tell ya!

My little helper, Aidan, donning green for the occasion, collecting the finished cookies to deliver to his friends outside!

Then he found a spot to land and munch.

And we all ate and drank and visited, while kiddos and music played.

That's Dawn, who cuts my hair, and who did my hair and makeup for our wedding, and who is a lovely friend.

That's Rebekah, Aunt Rebekah, who's my ex-step-sister-in-law, which we get a real kick out of explaining to people! Three cheers for divorce and blended families!

And that's Asher, my ever so chunky and delicious nephew, whose name means "happy," and who got into the craft box and started stamping his face with the Valentine's stamps, and who lights up my world when I see him!

Soon, more guests showed who were much more interested in the impending poker game than cookies.

But we kept eating them,

and soon the grown-ups had nearly taken over the trampoline...

and the boys and serious poker players were taking over the kitchen table...

including a delicious, squishy baby I stole moments after snapping this picture!

I took that opportunity to snuggle up with my chunky nephew and read books, and play with the other kiddos.

Eventually the big kids made their way upstairs to watch cartoons and pass out while the grown-ups stayed and played, and I snuggled up on the couch to watch Food Network and get a sweet, delicious baby to sleep in my lap!

As I trailed off to sleep, the party trailed out of the house, and the stragglers stayed up way past my bedtime finishing the poker game. I don't know who won; I just know I woke up the next morning to two empty bags of Pizza Rolls, a family sleeping in my living room and a whole lot of dishes! I think we put St. Patty's Day on the map with that family night.

Cheers (or some other appropriate St. Patty's Day toast)!

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