Monday, April 30, 2012

May is International Doula Month!

Happy Mama Monday, friends!

Guess what. May is International Doula Month

A doula is a non-medical professional who offers physical, emotional and informational support to laboring women, their partners and families before, during, and just after birth. Both birth doulas and postpartum doulas are indispensable in the childbirth experience.

Women who have a doula present at their birth are:
  • 28% less likely to require a cesarean delivery
  • 31% less likely to require oxytocin to progress labor
  • 9% less likely to use any pain medication during labor
  • 34% less likely to view their childbirth experience negatively
  • less likely to require instrumental delivery with vacuum extractor or forceps
  • more likely to experience a shorter labor
  • more likely to experience a spontaneous birth
  • less likely to have a baby with a low APGAR score five minutes after birth
If you read my blog at all, you know I absolutely adore being a birth doula. I love my profession. I love the women I'm privileged to call colleagues and all those who've come before us. I love my clients and my friends I've had the opportunity to support in their births. I love learning about birth and babies, and constantly look for more information and future training I can receive to grow in my skills. I truly believe in the gift of service I offer to women, and how precious and life changing it really is.

How will you celebrate the holiday? Exciting things are happening in Tulsa during International Doula Month!

Special Delivery Birth Center - Tulsa is officially home to its very own birth center, Special Delivery Birth Center! Tulsa Midwife, Ruth Cobb and Natural Lullabies Birth Services have teamed up to create an amazing place which will widen the world of opportunities and choices for birthing women in Tulsa. Natural Lullabies Doulas are available to serve clients, as well as offering a variety of other classes and events. I hope you'll take a look at their information and come to the Grand Opening of the birth center on May 5th. What a fantastic way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo along with International Doula Month! Click here for directions.

DONE OK Informational Event - Saturday May 12th, from 11am-5pm DONE OK Doulas will have an informational table set up in the Buy Buy Baby store at 71st and Mingo. Come and meet and visit with Tulsa Doulas, pick up an informational brochure, and view DONA International's latest documentary The Essential Ingredient: Doulas. We'll be right by the registry area, so you can't miss us!

Share Your Story - If you had a doula at your birth or with you postpartum, I would love to hear your story! Email me if you would like your story to be shared on my blog to celebrate International Doula Month.

Like my facebook page (and share it with your friends too!) and follow me on Twitter to keep up to date with classes, informational events, and giveaways held by Honeybee Mama and other birth professionals in Tulsa. It's gonna be a good month, lovies!

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