Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Campout Birthday

My Aidan turned six this year. It's insane to think that a whole six years have passed since I set eyes on him for the first time. He's still a baby to me, yet each year on his birthday I have to come to terms with the knowledge that I'm one more year removed from those sweet first moments with him!

Now I get to witness other magical and precious moments. Like the birthday boy counting out the camo cups for party favors for his Campout Birthday Party.

He'd been telling me for months that he was going to have his party at Chuck E. Cheese's. I had to inform him that...that wasn't going to happen. I really just wanted something simple, inexpensive, and something that wasn't designed to cause my children public meltdowns or the need for me to binge drink when I get home.

When I suggested a backyard party, he said he wanted a "Ghostbusters" party. I asked him what that was (pretty certain he'd never seen the movies that came out when I was a kid!) and he said it was a party where they all got to sit around in a tent with flashlights and tell ghost stories. Now, that I can do!

We borrowed a perfect sized tent from some friends and set up the backyard for a campout!

I made seven layer dip with chips, salsa and queso for the grown-ups.

Then I loaded up the party tubs with sodas, waters, and juice boxes for the kids,

and some cold ones for the grown-ups!

Gotta have plenty of chips and supplies in camo bowls!

The weiners on skewers ready for roasting.


Even at six, those boys had plenty of weiner roasting jokes to make by the fire pit. Then of course the dads (and even moms) in the group couldn't help but chime in with a few giggles, after we reminded them that those weren't really appropriate jokes.


There's the only girl at the party, Lillie, our neighbor who says Aidan is her best friend. Aidan and Alec adore her and love looking out for her. She was so sweet in her party dress and pig tails. Bless her heart, though, I think she was a little intimidated by all the boys and stayed close to her mama.

More fun friends - some old pals from Key Elementary Pre-K, and some new friends from Spring Creek Kindergarten.


And a silly brother.


I can't think of a better time for a toad to make an appearance! All the boys scrambled and screamed and pounced until the little guy was finally caught.



There was plenty of jumping on the trampoline, even into the twilight.

He was so thrilled to open each of his gifts and read every card.

And what would a Campout Party be without roasted marshmallows and s'mores? I bought the giant marshmallows that said they were "great for roasting," and they were HUGE.

So huge, that all the kids were covered in oozing marshmallow for the rest of the evening!

Finally it was time for the flashlights and ghost stories!


Mr. Joe, the dad of one of Aidan's friends, was such a good sport and crawled into the tent to get the stories going. He was a huge hit!

And Grampa Roger had some words of wisdom for the Birthday Boy.


All in all, I'd say it was a successful sixth birthday party! Granted, I probably spent just as much on supplies and party favors as I would have at Chuck's, but the memories seem like they'll stick to my soul a little longer.

How on earth will we top that next year?

Love and Honey,


Amy said...

That's so awesome--it looks like y'all had a great time. Great party planning mama! We're getting ready to celebrate Liam's 5th birthday this weekend--there will be a bouncy castle involved (and homemade cake--hopefully)!

Missy Rose said...

thanks! you was some work, but not as stressful as i'd imagined. i like party planning and playing hostess though. i think i should put a little more work into saving money though - i did spend too much. have fun with the bounce castles! we've rented those before too and they're ALWAYS a crowd pleaser. looking forward to seeing your homemade cake too!

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