Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Thoughts on a Thursday

Is it really Thursday? This week has seemed to go by very slowly, and at the same time, I can't believe it's already Thursday!

My inability to deal with the clock aside, I think it's about time to unload some randomness on my blog. That's just what you get sometimes isn't it?

#1. I've felt a little...stuck with blogging lately, for a couple of reasons. I've been thinking a lot about my content and what makes my blog unique. I don't want to just be another mom blog. I mean we all talk about our kids and our lives. Plenty of people share recipes, or talk about new products they love. Of course I share a lot of information on childbirth and pregnancy with Mama Mondays, but I've learned recently that duplicate content is a no-no in the blogiverse when it comes to page ranking and how Google helps people search for information, so now I'm bummed that I can't share the exact same information on my Tulsa Kids blog. In all my thinking and mulling over how I can tackle that issue, I've generally neglected Mama Mondays altogether. Then, just when I've decided to totally abandon haiku wednesdays (because they're my lowest ranking in page views and I'm pretty sure people just don't "get" them), I get an email from a random reader who wanted to tell me he found my card at Topeca coffee house and LOVES haiku wednesdays! Go figure. For those of you that DO read my blog regularly, what do you love? What do you hate? What do you want more of? I want to write what people are reading and want to come back for. Are haiku wednesdays dumb? Do you like book reports? What about recipes or family nights? Are Mama Mondays helpful to you? Do you like finding out about local businesses? Help! I'd love your feedback!

#2. Speaking of projects, I'm really excited about my birth plan manual. I've been working on a project to help my clients and others who need assistance with their births but may not wish to hire a doula. This is one reason why I haven't been putting as much work into Mama Mondays, because a lot of effort is going into creating my manual, but I don't want to unleash that in blog posts until it's a finished product. It's been really fun to run ideas by Marc and get his feedback. He's been so supportive and is really excited about helping me produce it. It is so, so cool to have such a supportive husband who is interested in what I do and validates my profession!

#3. I made Pioneer Woman's Spicy Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork this week and it is AMAZING. The sauce is super spicy, but oh so delicious. I wish I could take credit for the recipe, but I'll just take credit that I saw it on the Today Show and decided to make it. My husband is the happiest on the planet, and we are having feast after feast with the leftovers!

#4. It's really hard being a step-mom. Even when you do have breakthroughs and connections with your stepkids, you still represent something very threatening and sad to them. I am realizing this week that I will always be an outsider to them, and a representation of their parents' divorce, and the fact that their parents will never get back together. Sigh. On top of that, because Marc and I are both remarried and have children and exes, there is just a certain amount of drama that will never leave us. The last couple of weeks have reminded us of that, and I'm doing my best to stay positive and continue to be myself and live the way I know is best in the face of opposition and frustration.

#5. I'm starting to freak out a little bit about Summer. It's the first summer I'll have with my kids! What on earth will we do? Will they drive me crazy? Will I get any work done? SAHMs and WAHMs help!!

#6. Next week I'm headed to OKC for a redo of my doula training. My certification materials have expired, and I'm actually really excited to go through the process again. It's so great to reread some amazing books, and I'm going to learn a lot more about breastfeeding support this time around. Also, I hope I get to spend some time with some old friends in Norman I really miss!

#7. I've been sewing a ton this last week. It feels so good to make things. I've learned how to make a french seam, and now I want to use it constantly! I also made my first nursing covers and pouch slings which I'm really excited about. Next up, I'm designing a changing pad which is going to be super cute. I'd like to eventually start offering matching sets and lines. Wouldn't that be cool? People, start ordering them for baby gifts! I'm itching to sew more!!

#8. For years I've wanted to plant bulbs in the Fall so they bloom in the Spring. I did last fall, and nothing has come up yet. I'm a little disappointed. But I did some weeding in my flower beds yesterday (and simultaneously worked out some frustration) and am going to finish up some more weeding this afternoon! Hopefully this weekend or next week I can get some sweet Spring flowers planted. There's nothing like a fresh flowerbed to welcome you home and make ya feel good!

Oh I guess that's enough to bore you with today. Now I'm off to get my littlest bee some lunch, then peel him away from Puss In Boots so we can finish up his pre-school projects I have to send back to school...shoot! That reminds me...I have to get Aidan's birthday invitations together to send with him to school before Spring Break hits!

Maybe I won't get to the rest of that flower bed this afternoon...

Love and Honey, Lovies!

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