Monday, March 12, 2012

{Mei Tai Slings}

{Mei Tai Slings}

When my boys want me to pick them up, they reach up to me and say, "Hold you me, Momma!" That's become one of my favorite phrases, and I even say it back to them. I thought it only appropriate to call my version of the Mei Tai sling the Hold-You-Me!
The Hold-You-Me sling is a mei tai style sling. It is a
handmade, soft baby carrier.

They come all wrapped up, perfect for gifts!
Here, you can see the pocket on the front,
large enough for a cell phone, keys and credit card.

Pleated shoulder straps for comfort, and a ribbon loop to clip
toys or a pacifier onto.

Snug as a bug in a rug!

Wide shoulder straps cross over the back, giving full support.
Shoulder and waist straps are adjustable.

Baby can be worn on front or back; either way you're hands free!

They're also reversible: calico print on front, solid color on the back.
Mommas and Daddies can both wear baby!

Hold-You-Me slings are $65, with $5 shipping (outside of Tulsa). Extra costs will be added to custom orders with more expensive fabrics or embellishments.
Contact me for available fabrics!

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