Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cousin Sleepover and Secret Spies

My nephew, Jack (who apparently goes by John now, but I refuse to make the switch), spent the night with the bigs last night. I love when Jack spends the night. For some reason, when the three of these kids get together, they get all kinds of creative. On previous sleepovers, they've had drawing contests, invented new board games, and inevitably stay up entirely too late talking and giggling.

Last night was no different. They began their evening playing in the backyard on the trampoline before dinner. After a taco and chips and queso feast, they played the Wii, then Jack said, "I'm bored; let's do something else."

After I'd cleaned up dinner and started making some break and bake cookies for the kids and Marc's grown-up friends he'd invited over to play, things started happening. I began tripping over a constantly moving, hunched down, whispering trio of children. They announced they were "Secret Spies," and needed disguises. This is what they came up with:

Shut. Up. With how cute they are! I did not pose them. This oozed straight from their little souls!

Then they started asking me to help them collect information, and to send them on missions. "We need to like, retrieve things for you. And we'll have to sneak there to get it, and then we'll come back for another mission," Corrinne tells me.

I began sending them through the front door and telling them to get toys I knew had been left in the backyard. They very sneakily and stealthily retrieved a football, tennis racket, baseball, and collection of sea shells. The sea shells, of course, were very rare and precious that had been stolen from the collection of crown jewels and treasures. They got 'em. And they were undetected.

Then it was cookie time. They all wanted milk with their cookies, and Carter said, "I'm going to pretend I'm at a bar and this is whiskey." Jack came up to the kitchen island and said, "I'm going to pretend you're a waitress and say, 'Gimme a drink pretty lady,' but I'm not really trying to be bossy and mean. I'm just pretending."

"You got it. You wanna slide your glass to me across the counter like you're in a bar?"

All their faces lit up like that was THE coolest idea they'd EVER heard. Soon, they were all standing there demanding second and third helpings of milk so they could keep sliding their glasses to me and demanding more milk.

I asked Carter if he wanted me to put it on his tab. "What's a tab?" he asked me. Corrinne overheard and shouted from the table with a mouthful of cookie, "You can tell her to put it on mine! Say, 'Put it on Corrinne's tab!" Carter fell in line, "Put it on her tab!"

Just when I thought someone was going to start calling me "doll face," they were begging for a new mission. I needed to up the ante. They needed a challenge. Corrinne said she wanted to collect information. I had an idea. The house across the street is for sale, so I knew if they went "sneaking around the yard" no one would notice or, God forbid, call the police! I told them I'd received intelligence that there was a group of enemy spies hiding out in that house and I needed them to plant recording devices and cameras along the perimeter. They were electrified with excitement. They ran around the house collecting things that could be pretend surveillance devices to plant and ran right along. Carter stayed behind as the other two went out the front door to ask me, "Hey Missy, can the next mission be to kill someone?" Oh boy...I'm running out of ideas here!

After I sent them to "take out" the enemy spies that had apparently returned to there base across the street, they barged into the living room to tell me about the scuffle. Corrinne shouts, "He had me by the wrist, but I kneed him in the groin!" The three of them had stories and reenactments of the whole affair. It was beyond amusing.

For their final mission of the night (I was really running out of ideas by this point), I told them to create a report of the information they'd collected by surveillance and interaction with the enemy spies. Then, Jack piped up and mentioned that he'd seen one of the spies steal something from one of the others just before he snapped his neck! You think they've been watching some action movies? Jeez! So I sent them to retrieve the tapes they'd planted, and whatever camera was hidden on the snap-necked spy and come back and create a detailed report of their findings for the "Bureau."

I sent them to the "Spy Station," I set up for them, aka my old laptop at the upstairs desk.

I went back downstairs to watch TV and munch on my own cookies and overheard things like, "Set up the spy senses," "Turn on the night vision..." it was beyond fantastic. Soon, they came thudding down the stairs, and presented me with their detailed report.

Apparently our old neighbors across the street were gangsters with long track records of offenses. Hilarious! What a fun evening of adventure and silliness!

Love and Honey,

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