Monday, March 5, 2012

Birthdays Are Better With Kids

Especially as I get older and I feel like I'm over having birthday parties and forcing others to celebrate my birthday with me. But even when you don't really want people to feel obligated to celebrate or make a big fuss over you, you still want to feel special.

Kids do that. Last year, Carter, Corrinne and Marc surprised me (when I was feeling awful after a week long battle with a terrible cold) with the most fantastic birthday cake I'd ever seen, and Snowbear the soft white teddy bear. When I asked Carter how he picked the bear, he responded matter-of-factly (which is so "Carter"), "It was the best one!"

This year, our four year old, Alec had been counting down the days last week knowing my birthday was on the weekend. By Saturday, he'd decided enough was enough and gave me huge hugs and kisses and said, "It's your birthday, Mom! Happy Birthday!" Five year old, Aidan, corrected him of course saying, "Alec, her birthday is not today. Today is the 3rd. Her birthday is tomorrow." "Yeah, but it's still her birthday," Alec retorted.

Two handsome little bees fighting over my birthday like high school boys over their girlfriend? Yes please!

On Sunday, my actual birthday, Aidan was knocking on our bedroom door bright and early, fully dressed (and hair combed slick like he likes it) with his piggy bank in tow, begging Marc to take him to the store so he could get me a present. While Marc stumbled around to find some sweatpants and get his car keys, Aidan came to my side of the bed with a big grin on his face and said, "Mom, I'm going to the store with Marc, and I have all my money, and I'm going to get you a special birthday breakfast. and gum!"

He came back as promised with a special birthday breakfast:

Pink roses, a St. Patty's Day donut, "Since your favorite color is green, Mom," some Hershey's bars (one for me and one for him), and some big, fat cinnamon rolls!

The cinnamon rolls probably had more to do with Marc, though. I didn't care. I sat in my robe and munched on that deliciousness and sipped on my coffee and watched the Food Network. A delightful way to start my birthday if you ask me!

Then we went to church to help send off my best friend, her husband and kids as they travel halfway across the world to follow their calling. All the boys had to wear handsome shirts at my request since it was my birthday. Aidan likes getting spiffed up, but I have to grovel with Alec a bit. Marc usually wears handsome shirts, khakis and dress shoes to church, but it still is such a treat to see him all cleaned up!

There's nothing I'd rather do for my birthday than celebrate with family. We had a great cookout of burgers, chicken, brats, macaroni salad and tabouli at my brother's house, complete with a cookie cake! They sure do know me; I'm really not a huge fan of cake, but give me a big fat cookie any day, and I'm a happy camper!

Marc asked what I wanted to do next, and all I really wanted to do was take the kids to the mall to play, and shop at the "new" JCPenny. I'm so lame. But I picked up a couple of super cute, very "me" shirts, and let my kids have light up lollypops and play their hearts out at the play place.

Does it get any better than that?


A "Happy Berthday" card is the icing on the cake.

Birthdays really are better with kids.

Love and Honey,

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