Monday, February 20, 2012

Recipe for Family Night - {Valentine's Special}

Family night last Sunday started with some homemade Valentine's Day decorations, and good ole red carnations!

And my handsome husband growing more handsome as he smokes some delicious turkey breasts in the smoker. See...isn't he getting cuter?!

I started working on a side dish. Chopped sweet potatoes and roughly chopped onions, pan-fried in olive oil and butter, with a bit of salt and pepper. Simple and delish.

And if you're lucky enough to have MY momma, you get to enjoy her super homemade cheese ball. Just cream cheese, shredded cheddar, garlic and onion powder...and a few other things. "Whatever I could find in the spice cabinet," she said. Perfect. I can totally follow that recipe.

In case you didn't know, when my family gets together, boxed wine is involved.


And since I was in a Valentine's Day mood, I decided to whip up some of Pioneer Woman's Chocolate Cookies with a Candy Dipping Bar. Thank goodness I finally found my rolling pin!

Popped those sweet little puppies in the oven while we munched on cheese and crackers and waited for the turkey to finish smoking!

The kids handed out their hand made Valentines to Mimi and Poppy.

Soon, the turkey was done. Oh. My. Goodness. Sadly, I do NOT have an exact recipe for this, friends. You'll have to speak to my gifted husband. I know he soaked it in a brine overnight, then put a dry rub on it the next morning. Then it smoked for several hours. I do not know the temperature, and I have no clue how to work the smoker...and there's a good chance he loves it that I don't know the recipe to share with anyone!

Poppy made some yummy garlic and herb roasted red potatoes. Super easy. Just quarter them, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with a few cloves of finely minced garlic, oregano, salt and pepper to taste. (When I make these, I make them with rosemary, and a little butter towards the end of the cooking process). Throw 'em on a baking sheet in a 375 degree oven for 45 min to an hour, or until they're a bit toasty on the corners!

Little bees were happy!

Mama Bee is happy! Oh, I'm remembering now looking at my plate we had some pan fried fresh green beans, and some brats my honey threw on the grill too. It was a feast!

Add some conversation,

and light up laser guns,

then pull those cookies out of the oven and let the kids create dessert! Throw some strawberry marshmallows on some cake pop sticks, chop up all kinds of candy and toppings, melt chocolate and vanilla almond bark and have at it!

Come on, you gotta get the grown ups in there too!

It got a little messy, to say the least!

I think my nephew might be yummier COVERED in chocolate than any of the cookies or marshmallows were, though!

Then, we had to make Paula Deen's Chocolate Egg Cream Sodas. Special request from Carter since he watched that episode with me! We like Food Network! I'm not sure why the word egg is in the title; there were no eggs in the recipe. Oh well!

I couldn't help but post this pic. My sweet Momma can't help herself. She was in there cleaning up and putting away leftovers before we were even done with dessert. I think we kinda look like each other in this pic. I love being in the kitchen with my Momma!

Marc told me I needed to smile more when he's taking pictures of me.

After you hype kids up on lots of sugar and chocolate, the very best thing to do is start wrestling with them,

and watch them give horsey rides up the stairs,

and know that the littlest bees will insist on continuing their play, even when Poppy is putting their shoes on to go!

Once you've sent all the guests home and all the little bees to bed, then you can finish experimenting and decorating with all the rest of the cookies, almond bark and candy bits!

 I hope your Valentine's Day was just as SWEET as ours was in the hive!

Love and Honey,

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