Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Honey-do List

Today I'm seriously inspired by Young House Love's latest diy post. I often get overwhelmed by our honey-do list of projects for our house, but when I go back to their awesome blog, I'm reminded that it IS possible for us to get things done!

 - abbreviation for do-it-yourself.

To diy or not to diy, that is the question! Do you diy? I'd like to say we do, but we don't. Not really. I mean we have occasional projects, but we're lightweights. And let's be honest, most of ours get finished eventually, but it takes a long time to get there!

Marc and I don't mind hard work, getting dirty, or using a little elbow grease to get the job done, but I don't know that either of us really have the energy or patience to tackle huge remodeling projects. We've done some painting, wallpaper removing, and minor home fixes, but there are definitely things on the honey-do list that we need to prioritize. Whether or not we'll elect to tackle them ourselves has yet to be determined; right now we just need to make a list, start prioritizing. There's something in the unseasonably warm weather we're having that gets my gears turning and makes me want to tackle them!

So, here we go - here's our home, and all the things driving us crazy, begging to be done!

Carpet - the previous owner in our home had dogs. A lot of dogs. Besides the fact that the carpet probably hasn't been replaced since the house was built, there are a lot of stains, and years of kids obliterating this poor floor covering. It desperately needs to be replaced. It also doesn't match. The carpeting in the living and dining room is beige (or was at one time),

and the carpeting in the master bedroom, stairwell, and upstairs is all hunter green. Remember when hunter green was cool? I'm sure it was before Milli Vanilli got caught lip syncing!

If the carpet weren't enough to get your blood boiling, take a look at the diy tile job in the hallway. This tile is actually in the downstairs half bath, hallway, laundry room, and upstairs bathroom. Sadly the tile was installed with the wrong grout, and every time you walk on it, bits of it stick to your feet and socks which is infuriating! The baseboards were also ripped out when it was installed and have never been replaced. Grrrrr.

More flooring we'd like replaced in the master bathroom.

A refrigerator that works and serves our needs, but it leaks and it's missing the cover at the bottom. Not really a renovation project, but it definitely needs to be replaced!

There are also some drawers and cabinets that need to be repaired or replaced, and...see anything wrong with this picture? Yeah, someone along the way decided to replace some of the handles and knobs with completely mismatched ones.

And don't EVEN get me started on the switch plate covers throughout the house. I swear this aren't two matching ones anywhere. Lots of them are broken too. Ugh.

As much painting as we've already done, there's still more to do. Terrible colors and smudgy jobs throughout the house, like this,

and parts of the walls so high and hard to get to, we're pretty sure we're going to have to rent scaffolding and hire brave help!

I still haven't gotten to all the trim, doors, and cabinets that need to be painted white, either.

We need to clean out our garage too. After rearranging rooms upstairs and cleaning out closets we have a lot of giveaway items. That seems easy enough, but see that garage door behind that pile of junk? It's broken. Totally broken. It was already dented from a car hitting it before Marc moved in, and over the years has just endured more torture. It's barely on the tracks, unhooked from the motor, and if you try to open it, the whole thing will tumble to the ground. We would very much like to be able to get it fixed and get our garage cleaned out and well organized!

Moving right along to the outside, take a look at this. I can't believe I'm actually posting this.! This is an overgrown flower bed, so overgrown with weeds it looks like a jungle. We're talking tree trunks here. We chopped everything down last summer and covered it with mulch, but it grew back. I would really love to see this area of our yard used as a vegetable garden, but it really needs to be completely dug up to get rid of those roots, and the soil needs to be prepared in the right way to grow yummy food! That is SO much work though, and I'm not sure we're up to it. We might need to hire someone for that!

How on earth do diy'ers pay for everything? Thankfully, some of these really just need elbow grease and gusto, but some of them are going to take some cash. Less if we do it ourselves...and I guess that's where the draw is in diy! Goodness, we may need a home loan to accomplish it all, but hopefully little by little we can make it all happen! You think if I offer to make cookies for people, they'd volunteer to help us?

Hopefully I'll be posting pics of my own finished projects...soon-ish.

Wishing myself luck...and honey!


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