Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Honey Bee Mama Sponsor - Shannon Hall Photography

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I have something special to share with you today, and that is my newest Honey Bee Mama Sponsor, Shannon Hall Photography!

I first met Shannon Hall about a year and a half ago, when our sons were in Pre-K together at Key Elementary. Her son, Trent, is adorable, and quickly became one of Aidan's best friends. Their teacher was beyond cool and amazing, and often posted pictures of the kids in class on her facebook page. She requested as many of the parents as she could find as friends on facebook, and several of us quickly became linked by chatting with each other through comment threads. Isn't social media fascinating?

As I nosed around on Shannon's page, I found out she owned her own local business as a photographer, and instantly fell in love with her photos of her own children, as well as her work with families and other children. She truly has an appreciation for kids in their own elements, and has a special talent for catching their silly faces and personalities. Many of the pictures of her own children show them making messes, romping around in their diapers, and dressing up in mismatched costumes. I love that she treasures the "realness" of life, which is where I think the real magic is!

A couple of weeks ago, she contacted me because she needed a "cute couple" to do a Valentine's Day shoot for the launch of her redesigned website. I have to admit I was flattered. I mean, wouldn't YOU have a hard time turning down an offer like that? She mentioned she was doing a give-away special, highlighting Iron Bear Jewelry, which is owned by a friend of hers. Talk about flattery - she says Marc and I were her top pick for a cute couple, AND I'm offered my modeling debut. Plus, she promised to take a couple of headshots for me for my websites, and said we'd get prints of all our photos! You've got yourself a date, sister!

We had a lot of fun on our shoot. We met Shannon and her husband Harley, who was her assistant for the day, at Ray Harral Nature Park, and romped around on the gorgeous, rustic trails while she snapped away. It almost felt like a double date; she would demonstrate a pose she wanted us to do by saying, "Here, let me show you..." and then she and her husband would snuggle, and Marc and I would follow suit.

Am I oozing with enough Valentine's Day cheesiness yet? Okay, okay, drumroll please - here are our lovely pictures from Shannon Hall Photography.

She designed some super cute Valentine's Day cards for us to begin with:

Then got several really sweet couples pics (Alec snuck into one of them).

Here's my awesome modeling shot.

And my headshots. I think my eyes look really cool in the first one. I look a lot like my dad, actually. I definitely have Boudiette blood!

Here is Shannon's blog post, featuring some of the lovely pictures I showed you, and you must see the adorable pictures of her son, Trent and his little friend Gabby. Absolutely precious! I'm afraid her Valentine's giveaway is already over, but you keep an eye on her blog for the next one, and contact her for upcoming photo shoots!

Love and Honey,

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