Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hearts Delivery

I never think I'm going to get excited about Valentine's Day...and then I do. This year, I bought my first heart shaped cookie cutter, and I've kind of been obsessed with it.

We made gobs of cookies the other day, which I'll share with you in my family night post this afternoon, and then I got the brilliant idea to make heart shaped pancakes for the kids for breakfast. Strawberry milk on the side to boot!

Aidan: "When you dunk your heart pancakes in the syrup, it's like you're dunking your heart into love!"

Alec: "Mom, I am just in LOVE with this pink milk!"

Sadly, the ease I had envisioned I'd have making those pancakes didn't really occur, but the result was worth it!

My five year old may give me a run for my money with his non-stop (loud) talking and constant stream of ideas and questions, and yellow days at school for talking too much, but his thoughtfulness and giving heart puts me to shame. This boy has made piles of valentines for each of his teachers, friends, specials teachers, family members and neighbors. After he finished his store bought cards for his party this morning, he was working until the last minute before we had to leave. He just kept thinking of more people he wanted to make cards for. So sweet!

Homemade decorations are just THE best, if you ask me.

Here's your "Hearts Delivery" for 2012.

Happy Valentine's Day, Lovies!
May we celebrate all the love in our lives, and share Love with everyone in our paths!

Love and Honey,

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