Monday, January 16, 2012


Tonight, I took the little bees on a promised trek to the playground at their school. The school is within walking distance of our home, about 8-10 minutes away.

We had just enough time before the sun set and before dinner time, and it was such a beautiful night I couldn't think of a better way to end our day - with a little fresh air and exercise!

This simple walk always seems like an adventure. The boys both wanted to bring Hippo (aka Mr. Momo) and Madison (who was my teddy bear as a child) along with us. I'd told them if they took good naps we could go; they both emerged from their room with their animals saying they'd had good naps too!

Alec invented his own hippo sling!

Somehow, I missed Aidan learning how to swing by himself. He must have learned it this year in school. He even got up into the swing and took off all on his own! They get so big, so fast.

My little guy still needs a little help.

Watching them swing takes me back to childhood. Even as a sixth grader, I would rush straight to the swing at recess and swing until that whistle blew.

There's a freedom and a magic on the swingset found nowhere else on earth.

You can also find it balancing on a cement wall against the backdrop of a breathtaking sunset.

And hanging upside down.

And in chatting with your bear friend about what he wants to play next.


Time to go. We always get one last trip down the slide before we go. Bears welcome.

Hippos, too.

And the walk home.

As they march on fearlessly, far from my hands, I'm reminded again how they'll never be this little (which isn't feeling so little these days) again.

Love and Honey,

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