Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday Morning in the Hive

What is it about Saturday mornings that's so special? It could be sleeping in, if that were something that occurred in our home, but it's not. Marc had to leave about 6:45 to work this morning (bummer), and the kids were awake before he left.

Maybe it's cousins that spend the night, and cartoons,

or eleven-year-olds that hide in their beds pretending to sleep to avoid the noise of the littles who are not-so-asleep,

or the trash leftover from last night, because on Fridays we usually leave the dinner mess because we feel lazy.

I think it has something to do with kids requesting s'mores pancakes. I've never made "s'mores" pancakes, but I think I can work something out!

Carter doesn't want anything to do with s'mores pancakes, though. He likes 'em good and plain!

Chocolate chips and marshmallows combine to make some deliciously oozing pancakes! No graham crackers, but I think we'll live without them!

Alec didn't want marshmallows, but he did want chocolate chips.

Sometimes, on Saturday mornings, I sneak a little something extra into my coffee.

And because everything is better with bacon (including turkey sausage), I went ahead and threw some in the pan. What's a Saturday morning without bacon?!

And because Corrinne isn't really a fan of pancakes at all, I threw some biscuits in the oven for her!

Happy Campers!

And while they munch, I get to sip on my wait for Pioneer Woman to com on the Food Network!

How are you spending your Saturday morning?

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