Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mom Blog Highlights

I know, I know, it's Tuesday. But I still want to do this post. I guess I could just call it Mom Blog Highlights, but it still qualifies for my Mama Monday category, so let's just pretend it's still Monday, mkay? Thanks :)!

I love sharing with you what I'm reading and what inspires me, as well as supporting fellow Mom Bloggers. I don't pretend to think I've got the market cornered or that my blog is the end all of parenting and life inspiration. We all have our unique take on life and each of us has unique gifts that we share.

Here are my latest loves!

All For the Boys

I heart this blog!! I love sewing and crafting, but so many of the projects you find online are centered around little girls. I LOVE me some little girls, but male definitely outweighs female in my house, and in my family - 11 out of 15 grandchildren being boys! This mama highlights cape tutorials, fabulous fort fridays, and so much more. Give her a visit; you won't be sorry!

A Little Crunchy

I describe myself as a wannabe hippie. I'm not a full blown vegan, nor do I make all of my own home cleaning products or bake all of my family's bread, but I am a LITTLE crunchy. I love this blog because it's a place for exploring everything from homeschooling to cloth diapering. It's definitely one mama's opinion, but her posts are thought provoking and insightful and challenge the status quo. I think if we don't routinely challenge ourselves with a different point of view or way of doing things, we can easily get in ruts begin living un-purposeful lives. This blog post about breastfeeding and nurse-ins tackles natural parenting and activism from a fresh perspective.

IHeart Organizing

O.M.G. I seriously heart this blog. My BFF shared it with me, and when I first starting scrolling through her site, I not only adored her blog and her home, but I began feeling badly about my own home and lack of organization. I have since taken a deep breath and remembered that we all have our superstar gifts, and hers are meant to inspire and help me, not make me feel bad. Even if you don't read every little tip, just looking at the pictures will give you some fantastic ideas to help you clean, purge, and get organized. One of her latest blogs highlights how she's organized her laundry room and linen cabinet. Love it!

Maker Mama

Maker Mama has such a simple and attainable perspective on home and life. I think she walks through life looking at the extraordinary and thinks to herself, "I could do that!" And she does! When I read her blog, I don't feel intimidated, and I get lots of ideas for how I can simplify my life and home and get my creative juices flowing. I was inspired by her DIY family photo shoot Christmas cards to make ours this year! To get you started, check out her Best of 2011 blog post which highlights some of her and her readers favorite posts of last year.

Young House Love

This young couple does it ALL. These hardcore DIY'ers are systematically renovating their home, room by room. Completely. Floors, walls, ceilings, cabinets, plumbing, anything you can think of - they've decided to tackle it all. They document their progress, good, bad, ugly and GORGEOUS. It's so fun to walk with them through their learning process and really SEE the whole process. They share everything from paint colors, to where they bought items, to every individual tool used. Not only is it educational if you are a home renovation junkie, but it's also inspiring since these two are parents of a toddler and both have full time jobs! If they can do it, so can we! I love this recent post on refinishing cabinets, as I have a few waiting for me to repaint them and it gave me some really good pointers.

I hope you'll visit these amazing websites, and give these mamas some love with clicking and commenting!

What are YOU reading? Leave links in your comments- I'd love to know!

Love and Honey,


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information!! I will be reading some of these!

Amy said...

Aww, thanks for the sweet comments! You made my day!

Missy Rose said...

you're welcome, anonymous, and you're very welcome amy - i love your blog!


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