Friday, December 9, 2011

The Quest for the Perfect Planner

No, I do not have an iPhone.

Yes, I'm one of those people who still use a paper planner.

I need to write things down. Do you know more parts of your brain are used when you write things down, and there are two different kinesthetic processes at work (visual and tactical) when you write things down? It helps me remember.

I needed a new planner. I needed something that wasn't $100 to fit my needs. I needed pockets, tabs, month views, week views, lots of note pages and as much clean space as possible. Not too many lines, compartments or inspirational quotes filling up the page. Room for schedules for different members of the family, but not columns for them every day to lock in that space for THAT person. No goal sections, financial statement sections, vacation ideas or party planning sections. Notebook sized is too big, but purse size is a little too small. Not a full page for a day, and not a week squished onto one page. Definitely no one else's system saying, "organize your day like THIS," exploding all over me every time I turn the page.

Did I mention it would help if it were CUTE? Not all grid like with Times New Roman font either made FOR a man or BY a man with a beach scene on every page so they could say it's for a woman. Or covered in shoes with shopping lists assuming that's what every woman wants to do.

I came to the decision I'd need to make my own planner. I spent over an hour perusing the shelves at Staples this morning, comparing all the different planner insert combinations I could come up with. Put this planner in this notbook cover, or this cover with these five different refill packs (picking and choosing just what I wanted out of each, of course). By the time I found a decent combo, my tab was up to $85 before tax, and I really wasn't even crazy about what it was going to look like. It was still going to look all...agenda-y. Not really what I was going for. Can I get some personality, and can someone leave some space on the freaking page for ME to write down the things I need to remember?!

I finally grabbed an $8.99 simple planner and decided to go look at school binders. I thought maybe I could cut the spine off and 3-hole punch the pages and add some tabs. Then I started finding what I wanted, then I came around the corner and found the student planners. Oh boy...we're finally getting somewhere. Ok, I'm going to have to put up with some weird designs on the pages, but at least they're in the background and there's still plenty of room for me to list tasks and appointments. We have a winner.

On my way to the register, I passed a table that showcased Staples customizable planner product. Oh really? Couldn't someone have pointed this out to me BEFORE I exhausted myself in your aisles of mediocre not-quite-right options? Oh well, theirs may have been organized, but no personality, and once you had everything put together it was put in a binder that couldn't be changed. I need a binder I can open up and move things around. Hello, I'm a woman, and I change my mind! What works to organize me today may not work another day!

So, here we go; here's what I came up with! It's really pretty simple, no bells and whistles - I really don't understand why there's not a planner like this on the market. I may have to PUT it on the market...

My supply stash.


Cute binder and tabs.

Student planner with nice long spaces for each day. Lined, but free of compartments.

Now, let's get rid of these wires.

Who needs that garbage?

Cut off those holes left behind,

and punch new's okay if some aren't quite perfect.

Use those papers to trace the right size on the tab dividers (since they didn't make any for the small binder).

Trim down the pocket tabs too!

Hmmm, what can I do with all these scraps?!

Woops, the tabs stick out of the little binder - oh well!

Week days lookin' good!

Months perfect!

Use those lovely Sharpies to label the tabs.

Add some pockets. You never know when you're going to need to shove in a coupon or receipt, or...giftcard, candy, gum...

Steal some business card holders from the old organizer.

See - I knew those zipper pockets would come in handy!

Notes pages that actually have ROOM to write notes on!

And a little personality if you don't mind!

Now, THAT'S what I call a planner! Clocked in at $52 for all supplies too...and I realized when I got home that some of those I need to take back, so probably it's all less than $40.

Life is what you make of it, bees. Make honey!

Love, Missy


MS said...

I still have the best recipe binder of all time thanks to your diy binder work 9+ years ago! I say even if this cost you, you would have spent the money anyway but wouldn't have had exactly what you wanted. Handmade just for you is priceless. Well done!

Missy Rose said...

omigoodness, please don't admit it was over 9 years ago! you're welcome though - i need to revamp my recipe binder too. i have a lot of things shoved in there...need to add some pages and get rid of the recipes i never cook!

Calene said...

Stumbled on your blog through Pinterest (that EVIL site!) and just couldn't leave and NOT comment about what a cute, and perfect for YOU planner you have created! Thank you for the to find the binder recipe planner. ;)

Missy Rose said...

thanks for visiting and for your comment, calene! i hope you find just what you're looking for - sounds like i ought to post about that recipe binder i made so many years ago! my mom, sis-in-law and best friend all say it's the only one they'll use!


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