Monday, December 12, 2011

Marc's Birthday

December 13th is Marc's birthday. I realized some time last week that since his birthday falls on a Tuesday this year, we were going to have to celebrate on a different day since we never have all the kids with us on a Tuesday. Since it was a school night, we couldn't do a big elaborate party, but we could squeeze in the essentials.

This also meant some multitasking, and the kids making birthday cards during gymnastics (well, Corrinne worked on it before and after her class...).

They each worked very hard on their cards and they're adorable!

Our stash. The kids insisted on a pinata. Carter the paleontologist insisted on a T-Rex, and my gift conveniently got wrapped in what I had on hand: Toy Story gift bag!

Thanks to Sweet Sherry Pies, we had the best German chocolate cake ever! It's Marc's favorite. She even "birthday'd it up" with sprinkles!

Marc wanted pizza (we are psyched to have a Papa Johns right by our house now). All veggie for him and me, and cheese for the kiddos.

The kids each presented their cards.

Even grown-ups have to blow out their candles.

And one last card presentation. Aidan didn't want his given until the cake was served.

The daddy piece of cake went to the birthday boy, of course!

On to the main event of the evening, whacking the pinata!

Attention: we have breakage.

The kids scramble like hungry little bugs for candy!

Then Marc decided it was only right to redistribute the wealth.

Then, the highlight of the evening (in my opinion) was the T-Rex health center, wherein Doctors Corrinne and Carter bound up the brave dinosaur's war wounds.

You could hear Carter saying, "beep, beep, beep!" imitating the heart rate monitor a patient would be on in the emergency room. Hilarious. He also kept saying, "don't worry little buddy, it's going to be okay!"

Happy birthday, Honey. We love you!

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