Monday, November 14, 2011



Tonight we turned off the TV and ate dinner together, as we often do.

Tonight, the littles both ate their broccoli without complaining. I even gave them double helpings, and I even gave them stems (which we all agree are not as yummy as the "treetops"). They never once asked whether or not they had to eat the stems, and never once made mention of the outlandish pile of veggies on their plate.

Tonight, we kept the TV off after dinner. Tonight no one seemed to notice the TV was off.

Tonight, everyone in the house missed Marc. We talked about him at the dinner table and wished he was home. We called him after dinner. Aidan called him after dinner. Aidan wanted him to see a picture of the hat he made at school. Aidan hung up on him so I could take a picture of his hat and send it to Marc. Then Aidan called him back to inquire about Marc's approval of said hat.

Tonight, Marc is working in Louisiana. Tonight, Marc told the littles he ate alligator and frog legs for dinner. Both of them had a turn to turn up their noses and tell Marc how silly and yucky it is to eat alligators and frogs. That is, after Aidan cleared up the misunderstanding of thinking Marc had gotten us a PET alligator!

Tonight, the littles took their baths more quickly than usual (though not speedy), and with less bickering than usual. Tonight there were only a couple warnings barked out from Mommy downstairs.

Tonight we dug into the pile of seriously overdue library books and each boy chose two for Mommy to read. We started with Aidan's book he has to read for school and Mommy has to sign.

He focused on every word and read fantastically. Alec read an I Spy book.

Then we read a book about ducklings, and another about a little girl with a pet dinosaur.

Then Alec wanted to take pictures with Mommy.

Then, of course, Aidan wanted to take pictures with Mommy.

Then we did a group angry face. I know. You're real scared of us.

Tonight we laughed at how silly we are, and what great pictures we take of ourselves.

Tonight, I don't think anyone cared that the TV was off.

Though, I may have turned it back on to pick up where I left off in My Fair Lady while writing this post - that's legal right? 


Rapunzel said...

tonight, i think sounded like a good night even though, tonight, you missed your other half. tonight, i'm a little envious that you had the tv off, and tonight, tonight, i wish i were a hummingbird on your honeybee hive. xo

Missy Rose said...

and how i wish you were here with me too. honeybabies are in bed and i'm about to finish up my fair lady and turn on gigi! we could make cookies you rapunzel!

Dani said...

Awe, I loved this post. I just love how much the boys love "Mr. Marc". So cute. Love you guys!

Dani said...

And OMG...check out your "mini-me" picture of Alec. He looks JUST like you in that last picture!!!

Missy Rose said...

thanks, aunt dani! they are such sweet boys, and you're right about the mini-me, which is refreshing since he looks SO much like his dad. i noticed that, the shape of our mouths and eyes are identical in that pic. so fun!


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