Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Twihard Saga

As promised, here's my Mama Monday post, arriving on Tuesday. I'm posting late because the activity I wanted to write about happened yesterday evening: three moms going out on the town to watch the latest installment of the Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn Part I.

Yep, along with oh so many ladies in their mid twenties and thirties, I am engrossed with Bella, Edward, Jacob, the werewolves and the Volturi. So are my two best friends. In fact, I started reading them because one of them brought the first book, Twilight, to work one day so I could see if I liked it. I think I completed the book in about three days. And that was as a single mom with two kids under the age of three and a full time job!

So what if it's technically found in the Young Adult section of the book store? As soon as I started reading that first book, I connected with something in the heroine of the series, Bella. No matter our age, I think there is something that remains from childhood and adolescence inside us. Hopes and dreams, insecurities and searching for true love - they're universal sentiments we all share. Especially as women, we identify as we read the story from Bella's point of view.

Remember the first time you held hands with a boy in 7th grade, or how it felt when you made eye contact with the cutest boy in school across the high school cafeteria? Heart pounding, a lump in your throat, you were frightened and elated all at the same time. Those are the emotions author Stephenie Meyer captures so perfectly in her writing, and that's what grabbed me.

When I read the series, I was nearing the end of my divorce "saga" and trudging the trenches of single motherhood, working hard every moment of every day to succeed in my job, raise my children well, and pay off debt so I could land a place of my own (instead of my mom's). I read while I had my coffee in the morning, during my lunch break at work, and cracked it open again the second I got those little boys in their beds at night. When I'd leave work at the end of the day, I imagined Edward's silver Volvo waiting for me at the door instead of having to walk all the way to the parking lot. Honestly, I think I was dating him right along with Bella!

Though the storyline revolves around vampires, werewolves, and in this final installment, vampire-human offspring, that's not what I clung to when reading the series. The pure and innocent love story between two people (well, one non person) is what kept me coming back for more. And that's just what draws us in when we see the movies as well.

Let's be honest, the movies come across pretty cheese, like an amped up version of a CW show. I do think Breaking Dawn has the best acting of the three, but I'm not really a movie critic so I won't pretend to write a real review here. We weren't there for the acting or special effects; we were there for mommy time and to relive the enchantment we felt when reading about Bella, Edward, Jacob. Cheesy or not, seeing the books acted out on the big screen reminds you of all those moments as they happened in the book. It's also fun to whisper and giggle with your best friends and say, "That's not how it happened in the book," or "I can't believe they left out the best part!"

As three moms of littles, we were ecstatic to get out with just the girls and have some, well, almost grown-up time. So excited in fact, I neglected to get a single picture of the evening! I could have at least gotten a pic of all us girls dressed up (yes, we dressed up for a Monday night out with each other and imaginary vampires - hey, we don't get out much!) in front of the Breaking Dawn poster! I'm pretty sure it'll be a while before I'm thinking completely linear after that opening scene of Jacob with his shirt off.

The highlight of the evening though, was Megan and me trying to figure out how to pay for our popcorn and drinks. I needed to pay her back for the movie pass, then she gave that money back to me since we were splitting the popcorn. Then I opted for the Twilight Collector's Cup. Then we realized after we paid the outrageous amount that it hadn't afforded us two drinks, just the one collector's drink, and refills for the special cup were another whopping three bucks! Through our sticker shock we decided to just share the one drink.

At least I got a picture of the cup.

And I'll think about how much it cost me every time I drink out of it!

I had a blast with my girls, and I hope they're with me next year when the final movie comes out as well. Maybe next time we get together we'll do something distinctly grown-up, like sip martinis while gambling and talking about npr...or something like that!

Still Team Edward,


MS said...

Awesome. You put it into words so well. :D


Missy Rose said...

thanks, MS. and i do admit you have good reason to be team jacob!


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