Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kid-free Thanksgiving

How do you spend a kid-free Thanksgiving Break?

One of the things you learn to appreciate about being a divorced parent, though it takes some getting used to, is time away from your children. It's hardest on the holidays, namely because holidays are meant to be shared with those closest to you, but also because holidays include extended time with the other parent.

This year Marc's kids and my kids were away for the entire Thanksgiving Break. Sometimes when we have several kid-free and work-free days in a row, we take the opportunity for a road trip to Oklahoma City (or Vegas) or some other kind of mini-vacay. However, since we did recently drop quite a bit of cashola on a wedding-ola and honeymoon-ola, we decided it might be best to stay close to home.

So, how do you spend a kid-free Thanksgiving Break?

Well, exciting or not, here's how we spent ours! Five whole days with no work and no kiddos...

First, we made a big mess cooking lots of delicious food for friends and for Thanksgiving dinner, and left it there. A while.

And I caught up on a lot of sewing. Uninterrupted. Not even by Marc!

Marc cleaned out a huge closet full of things that needed to be sorted and organized,

and thrown out!

We cleaned out another closet too...this is just the pile of stuff we kept. We gave away at least two equally sized piles of blankets, mattress toppers, and junk!

We kept cleaning, moving and finding MORE stuff...

We made a trip to Whole Foods, one of our favorite places to shop that we don't get to go to often, and bought some delicious and wonderful food. Then we, well Marc, made an amazing meal of braised lamb chops, roasted baby carrots and fingerling potatoes, roasted Brussels sprouts (which were AMAZING) for some wonderful and special guests. I would say that I played a part in the evening, but I ruined the artichoke appetizer. I guess I sliced the cheese and placed the crackers on the plate okay...

...and we let our nephew turn the Littles' room into WW III, which they would normally get in big trouble about!

I finished a triple baby sling order - Booyah!

Then we PAINTED!

We finally finished the house painting project we started last OCTOBER!!

It is SUCH a good feeling to get that done and get our place cleaned up. Woo!

Then, on our final kid-free night, we headed out for an unexpectedly, and much needed, fancy meal at Smoke on Cherry Street. Be on the lookout for my review on Tulsa Kids blog, Honeybee Mama. It was outstanding!

We also saw two movies (actually IN a movie theater), spent some great time with my bubba and sis-in-law, attempted some Black Friday shopping (and failed, but had some awesome Village Inn breakfast), and slept in at least one of those days. One day I woke up at 3:45 unable to go back to sleep (hence all the productive sewing time), and the next day Marc woke up at 2 never to return to his slumber! What's wrong with us?!

It was a Happy Turkey Day, and we were very happy to have kids back home with us Sunday night! what point do I reeeeaaaally have to start decorating for Christmas? There's another good reason we did a lot of cleaning and organizing!

Love and Honey, kids!


Trisha said...

A few things... you got your painting done! Yay! I've been wondering about Smoke. Now I know. And I made pumpkin cake a couple weeks ago... with applesauce for the eggs. :) Adding you to my google reader!

Missy Rose said...

yeah, thanks Trisha! yes, you've got to get to smoke. no kiddos, go for a date night. and i'd love to know your pumpkin cake with applesauce; i bet it's yummy!


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