Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tulsa Tells Our Story

If you've followed my blog for any amount of time, you know I love Tulsa and I love supporting local businesses. That's not new news. What IS new news is that I married the man of my dreams on Sunday, October 16th, and I want to tell you our story!

It may seem strange to say that a city is part of our story of falling in love but it is. Something Marc and I have in common is the fact that we love adventure, whether it's a trip across the country or just getting out and finding fun things to do with our kids. We love trying new restaurants and veering off the side of the road when something interesting catches our eyes. I have never experienced more of this city than I have in the last year and a half; I finally found someone to explore it with me!

We first met on a Friday night at In the Raw, which is fun because there are so many Okie men who love their steak and potatoes and turn their noses up at sushi! To put it simply, we were captivated by each other instantly. We talked our way through a bottle of wine, a giant ITR salad and several rolls of sushi and didn't want it to end there. We made our way over to Vintage 1740 wine bar on 18th and Boston, and sat on the patio and talked ourselves into the wee hours of the morning, long after the place shut down and every other patron went home! The next evening ended the same way on that patio, after we stuffed ourselves full of pizza at Joe Momma's downtown.

The next place in our story is Haikey Creek Park, where we watched some friends play a softball game. Days later we were chomping on chicken salad sandwiches at Queenies in Utica Square and dancing with the kiddos to a Beatles cover band playing in the Summer's Fifth Night. While introducing my new man to some friends, I introduced him to one of my favorite restaurants, Elote Cafe (which later became the place we celebrated with friends and family after our wedding!).

Our first Elote date, and my favorite wine they serve.

Marc and Me.
That same night, we joined our friends at OneOK Field for a Drillers game. This is one of my favorite pictures of us, but a friend took it and I don't have it in digital form! One of these days I'll get organized and scan it...

Before we knew it we were inseparable, thrilled by each other's love for experience, food and conversation. It was a long time before we ever had the thought to watch TV together. We spent so much of our time just talking and exploring each other, and falling in love!

Here we are the same night we went to Elote and the Drillers game.
Me with Rusty from Mod's the night before he opened!

In the BOK Suite at the BOK Center for a Talons game!
Buck and Carla at Tulsa State Fair.
One of these days I'll tell you about Buck and Carla -
honestly, they need their OWN blog!
One of our most memorable dates at Admiral Twin drive in
just before it burned down!
Creepy pic of us under the bridge when we took
all the kids to see the lights at Rhema!
One of our many visits to Philbrook Museum for 2nd Saturday.

It seems completely ridiculous that we explored so much of our city, each of us with two children, full time jobs and overflowing plates of responsibility. But something else we share is an attitude of parenthood that isn't limiting. What I mean by that is we don't shy away from going places without kids menus or shirk from outings and festivals because we have to pack up four kids and possibly face a meltdown. Like when we took the littles to see the lights turn on at Utica last Thanksgiving and Alec peed his pants and we had to have an emergency quick change in Baby Gap! Our kids have experienced Mod's and Elote as well. The kids had a blast at Luchapalooza last year, and they're huge fans of Mod's gelato (especially Aidan, because they have several dairy free flavors)! Although I have been a weenie about taking my kids to the fair [insert shameful Mom face here]. Next year I conquer that one!

Since Tulsa tells our story, we thought it only fitting to choose some of our favorite places as the backdrop to celebrate our wedding! It truly was an iconic and memorable day.

Walking down the aisle with my littles at Linnaeus
Teaching Gardens tucked behind Woodward Park.

Our killer reception guessed it, Elote Cafe!

A moment captured in time on an iconic Tulsa street, Boston Avenue.
And though she's not exactly local, Holli Brewer is an Oklahoman and was our amazing photographer. Click here to see our wedding slideshow, and here to visit her website. Make sure and be on the lookout for Sweet Sherry Pies mouthwatering cupcakes in the pictures of the wedding reception! They are hands down THE BEST cupcakes in town, and you can find them at On the Corner in Broken Arrow!

I'm so grateful and fortunate to have met my best friend, soulmate, and love of my life, Marc David. I'm priveleged to be called his WIFE and share our story with you!

Love and Honey,
Mrs. David


Sarah Baker said...

sweetest story from the sweetest girl! I love that we all got to see you fall in love with Mr. Marc. It's been a fun road... but there's so much more to come! xoxo

Crosby said...

Loved this blog entry! Two kindred spirits indeed. So glad that we were able to come to the wedding - it was just beautiful. Looking forward to a day when we can sit down and enjoy one another's company!

Gina said...

Congrats Missy!! I loved the photos! - my favorite is of you and your son dancing.

Missy Rose said...

thanks ladies! crosby, the coffee pot is always ready to go waiting for you to come visit!

Meg said...

love this post, SOOO happy for you guys!

Missy Rose said...

thanks meg!


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