Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Conversations in the Car Vol. 11

On the way to school last week, after dropping off the bigs...

Alec: I want to go on a  mission tonight.
Me: A mission? What kind of mission?
Alec: A rescue mission!
Me: Who are you going to rescue?
Aidan: *Rolling his eyes, very annoyed and WAY smarter than his younger brother* No one.
Alec: Like, we are going along and we find someone who is stuck, and we rescue them.
Me: How will you know they are stuck and they need to be rescued?
Aidan: He won't.
Alec: We will run and run and run and run, and then we will find them and we will rescue them.
Me: How will you know where to look?
Alec: Um...
Aidan: He won't! Alec, you don't even know where any dangerous places are. *pause* I do.
Alec: No you don't, Bubba!
Aidan: Yes I do. (still in the tone of I am WAY smarter than anyone in the car) A sticky mud pit, a candy factory, a peanut butter factory, and the worst of all, a HAUNTED HOUSE!
Alec: Ooh, yeah. Those are scary.
Aidan: I wouldn't be scared.
Me: You wouldn't?
Aidan: No, because I'm five...
Alec: And I am four!
Aidan: ...and now that I'm five, I'm not scared of haunted houses any more...

At this point the conversation of a rescue mission trails off and we discuss Halloween of last year and the haunted house we saw, what everyone wants to dress up as, and questions of what was packed for lunch. Alec somehow seemed satisfied at the options of dangerous places to search for people "stuck" who needed rescuing.

I do hope we can schedule this rescue mission soon.

Love and Honey,


Erin said...

I love your conversations in the car! I can't wait to have a bunch of my own. I love that he said candy factories are dangerous. i've been to cadbury, hershy, and bedre and they didn't strike me as dangerous, but The Nezzer Chocolate factory, with the fiery furnace and all. That is certainly dangerous ;-)

Missy Rose said...

haha, thanks erin! yeah, if i walk into any place building a huge chocolate bunny they want me to bow down to, i'm outta there!


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