Monday, September 12, 2011

Bits and Pieces

A few highlights from last week and our weekend:

Ironing, measuring, cutting fabric for slings.

FINALLY finishing the painting in the kitchen. No wallpaper!

Fulfilling a promise by stitching up Nemo's war wound.

Making my Honey a "sweet surprise" by request: S'more Sundae.

Remnants from Friday nights Pizza Party with the neighbors.

Batting cages.

I don't "bat..." and as it turns out, I do!

Three of a kind at mini golf.

Games and grub at Brewburger.
More sewing...with a helper this time.

The kids can't help but try out the stair stepper.
Which is FINALLY being returned to Ya Ya today!

Snugglin' and watching Up.


It was a busy and super fun weekend, filled to the brim, and if today is any indication, this week will be just as packed! Be on the lookout for more on the batting cages and mini-golf on my Tulsa Kids blog!

Happy Monday!



Meg said...

LOVE the smores sundae, I want one right now, please!

Missy Rose said...

just pile up some graham crackers, add a brownie, a scoop each of chocolate fudge brownie and cookies and cream ice cream, a couple of marshmallows (or fluff if you have it), and chocolate syrup or hot fudge! yum, sounds good to me now too! you know what would also be delicious in it is those chocolate covered granola thins!


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