Monday, August 22, 2011

Recipe for Mommy Time

One of the nice things about being a divorced parent is that when Baby Daddy or Baby Mama has the kids (if you're fortunate enough to have an ex who spends time with their kids as they should) you get a little break. Marc and I are thankful for the times when our kid-free nights coincide so we can have date nights without having pay babysitters!

This past week was my first week at home after my job change, and also the longest amount of time I've ever been away from my littles. They spent 10 days with their dad, which was a blessing, but I'll tell you this: you never get USED to being away from your kids. While I've grown accustomed to being away from them over the past few years, it still feels strange. Marc and I had some fun time to ourselves last week, and also got the bigs to ourselves. Then, he had to go and leave me to my lonesome. Unfortunately Marc's job requires him to travel quite a bit during the summer, so from Friday to Sunday afternoon it was all me and only me.

I often have a hard time deciding how to spend my time alone. I can't figure out if I should just lie around and relax, or if I should take advantage of the interruption-free moments and get projects done. This time, over my full two day span of time on my own, I did a little of both. Firstly, I finished up some projects around the house that have been waiting far too long for finishing.

Second coat of paint and trim done in downstairs half bath!

Second coat, trim and doors done in bathroom upstairs!
Now I just need to do the cabinets.

Downstairs hallway got two coats to cover the sad, strange pink
that was on the walls, and two of the three doors got some
beautiful white! Almost done in there...

Finally, I purchased, washed, dried, measured and cut a
bunch of fabric to get some new baby slings on the market!
Aside from all the busy bee work, there was pleeeenty of couch time. I lost count of how many episodes of Cupcake Wars and Iron Chef America I watched! I got a redbox movie and never even got around to it! I worked on cleaning out the leftovers from the fridge, and didn't cook much of anything other than a couple of omelets. And I had some good old Barefoot Riesling to keep me company too!

As thankful as I am for that down time to unwind and to feel productive, I was SUPER excited to pick up my littles yesterday. To celebrate we went to Cheesecake Factory, yum!

Aidan: "EW! It's a drink with salad in it!"
Now that life is back to normal (which, of course is always a relative term), I have three days with my little men before they start school. Aidan just came in my room where I'm working and asked, "Mom, since today is Monday, but it's a stay home day, can we go lots of places to prove that it's not a school day?" The idea of me being home with them during the week is completely foreign!

Sure, buddy. Let's go find an adventure!


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